Went the day well?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by fairy_nuff, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Went The Day Well

    I went to the recital yesterday evening and it was beautiful. I hope that the anthem the boys commissioned is played at the Remembrance service. It's good to see two young men doing something for a good cause
  2. Great poem. Seem to watch the film in dusty rooms as well. The bit where the big lass smothers the granade still shocks.
  3. I didn't post this in the Naafi
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  4. This is detracting from two young men's efforts to support a worthy cause. Just take a moment to read the words and reflect

    Went the day well?
    We died and never new
    But well or ill
    Freedom, we died for you
    Went the day well?
    I remember a young soldier being interviewed who had lost a leg and he said that the dead had the easy part, it was surviving that was difficult and this cause helps people to survive, as you well know
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    Gentlemen and Ladies

    You will have noticed deletions; if you want to make this the NAAFI bar then, frankly, **** off there.

    If you continue to besmirch my boards with rubbish, you will be banned.

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  6. I have a STRONG feeling of deja vu with this thread.... is it an old thread that somehow the DB is serving up again? No tonly that, I'm sure I've written a comment like this in the thread.

    PF- no offence meant, if I'm having a senior moment. But I cant help think I've seen this thread, "went the say well", before.
  7. Well posted fairy nuff

    Well done to the two young lads working on this.

    There are those who whinge and moan about things, and I confess to sometimes, maybe most of the time, being one of them.

    Then there are the guys who get out to try to do something about things.

    If we knock those who are young and getting out to do something useful, particularly perhaps something generally recognised on this site as of benefit to some we know, we start to deserve all the empty headed cocaine snorting Hoorah Henrys at the top of the social scale, and all the crack smoking chavs and deadbeats at the other.

    That is all.