Went down the gym 2 days ago

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by conure, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. My trainer pushed me harder than I've ever been pushed before, spent about 4 hours on weights, all different weights while my arms begged for mercy, he isnt down the gym today, and I just tried doing a pressup and my arms are still so weak and painful I can't do more than 3! what should I do, concentrate on running, and leave my arms, or force my arms to do some more work?

    Any advice appreciated
  2. First of all 4 hours is wayyyy to much sack the trainer if you ask me! At the moment you'l be suffering from delayed onset muscle sorness dont train the parts of your body dats sore wait till they are better because as uve found out they are very tired and cant work as hard so theres no point in working them and they need their rest. Do lower body exercises and cv till your uper body is better.

    cheers brodz
  3. each body part requires a recovery period of 72 hours before you can retrain it again, thats how muscles are built.
  4. Lots and lots of protein mate.

    Try taking in around 30grams every couple of hours to ensure your muscle's are constantly being fed and you will get the full benefit of the healing process

    If i were you mate id get me trainers on a go out for a good run or maybe train your legs in the gym
  5. or even have a rest your body will need it after a 4 hour sesh (i seriously hope this wasnt on one muscule group) you need only spend about 45 mins in the gym at any one time m8 after 45 mins your bodys stores of creatine and ATP will diminsh so even though you are still pushing your self you will make no more gain infact you are lore likley to injure your self due to fatigue and bad form (if you want to train longer split it into 45 mins resistence work then 45 mins cardio either intervills or a swim) sounds to me like your trainer is either not qualified and blagging it or he had no other clients and needed the cash for his weekend piss up either way send him packing hes usless

    What kind of training are you doing in the gym? is it for something specific or just general fitness im currently studying for my HND health fitness and exercise so if you need a programe i could do one out for you no probs
  6. ^^^^Good advice^^^^

    When i go to the gym il only do 3-4 exercises consisting of 3-4 sets on one muscle group and loads of stretching and definitely notice gains pretty quickly going gym regularly and taking in lots of protein...If you instructor had you doing arms for 4 hours he's obviously a moron and your lucky you did'nt injure yourself or more rightly put, HE did'nt injure you
  7. i have heard some myths
    need to smash them here

    training time which is best in the morning or late in the evening, at the start of your working day or at the end ?

    Running on a empty stomach good or bad ?
  8. Sorry to be picky but ATP diminshs after 4 seconds of intensive exersise and creatine after bout 20 seconds. Don't ever train on weights for more than an hour because what happens is that your carbs and the amino acids in your blood lower inducing a catabolic state (meaning you start eating yourself to continue what you are doing) If you are doing your CV with weights bring along some still orange juice to help with sodium and energy levels. The advice about 30grams of protein every couple of hours is spot on just try and eat clean foods which dont contain loads of fat. Did you actually pay for a 4 hour session then??

    Training time shouldnt really matter as long as you can train as hard as possible without increasing the risk to injury. i.e dont do situps as soon as you wake up because you have fluids around you spine from laying down and you can cause yourself back pain. Eating on an emtpy stomach has pros and cons. One thing it could do is help you burn fat but you'll also burn more muscle (because your body will break down the protein in the muscle to use the amino acids) also you might not be able to work as hard due to lack of energy meaning you wont burn as much fat as maybe you would have if you have eaten 2 hours before. I think the general rule is eat a banana ( for energy) and a table spoon of protein powder or some amino acids before training say half an hour and you should be fine.

  9. ... Have a goood solid stroke to keep them wrist muscles toned.
  10. when i said 45 mins i was meaning that after this time your body is to "drained to replenish your muscules with the creatine and ATP used up during your previous set " the bodys ability to produce this isnt limitless so anytraining you do over this time can be backwards if the point of weight training is hypertrophy you would want to be aiming at about 45 mins anyway (testosterone production also diminishes after this time) so say 5 exercises 4 sets a piece with 1-2 mins rest inbetween sets and 2 mins rest between exercise (60-120 sec is best rest time for body to replen testosterone 3-4 for creatine and ATP) and your about spot on anyway

    myth wise, exercising first thing although best time for fat loss you have been in your scratcher for 8 hours the synovial fluids in your joints is all cold your stiff (not the morning glory kind mind out the gutter please) ;o) and you havent eaten for say maybe 13 hours do you think thats a good state to do some serious exercise in??? best do some gentel streches first thing and start drinking clear fluids

    protien lots of people are big believers in taking protien suplements etc whilst weight training how ever there is very little scientific evidence to back up the need to over a healthy balanced diet ,just aim for 1.5 grams per kilo of body weight perday and you cant go wrong best sources are eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs fish fish fish chicken and milk anymore than 1.5 gm perkilo body weight can place to much strain on your liver and kidney functions as they work over time to try to excrete the excess (think of it this way anymore over what your body needs that you consume you piss away and thats a waste of money

    finaly rest is essential no point busting a gut all the time try to enjoy work outs as mush as poss and you will stick with it more
  11. okay, well it was on all sorts of different muscles, chest, arms, etc, all seperate, he's ex para and said he'll get me to the point that when I do my RSC in about 4 weeks i'll think of it as a piece of piss, and put me on a 5 day a week program, the only problem im having now is when i start running for some reason my muscles are aching so much I have a limp, cos this be due to my lack of any form of warmup? cheers
  12. Oh, another question, I hate doing pressups but don't mind doing weights to build arms, I know I'll have to do pressups in the army, but for now will I get just as much of a muscle strength increase if I do weights instead of pressups? cheers
  13. If you hate doing press-ups it's probably because the muscles associated with the press-up exercise aren't conditioned for the press-up motion. You're gonna end up doing pressups regardless, can't really think of a better method of improving the muscles needed for press-ups than doing press-ups.

    Suck it up! :)
  14. Some good advice gemill, but i do disagree with your view on protien supplements. Supplements are of course to supplement the diet for which you may not be gettin enough of. 1.5grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day will in most cases be fine but providing it in your diet everyday non stop without taking a supplement is diffcuilt. Also whey protein has a higher biological value than any food,(whey protein being 169 while eggs being 100) this meaning the structure of the amino acids which make up the protein are more likely to be used for muscle hypertrophy than energy. So it makes sense to supplement your diet with quality protein than huge amounts of lower standard protein. As for stresses on the kidneys and liver very little scientific evidence has ever been produced to show this is the case, even if you are still worried anyone with knowledge in this field would advise you to increase you intake of fluids arrcordingly usually uptp about 4 litres per day.

    cheers brodz
  15. If your muscles are aching so much u cant run ur gettin pushed way to much to soon, To be honest mate ur trainer sounds sh*t i dont care if hes ex para my mates ex cdo and i reckon hes sh*t too! im a PT n i trained people day in and out for years and you always always always warm up, ur trainer should have taken you through a steady warmup before anything ur going on about. For the record, my mum would think RSC is pi** its not ment to be hard. How much training were you doing before this 5 day a week program? unless uve got several weeks of building up from 3 times a week and onwards your doing to much to soon imho. People think training as hard as you can as long as you can as much as you can over and over again and u'll be superman its never the case, u'll get injuried no results and have wasted money. Mate honestly talk to the trainer about how you feel your training is going say you feel your pushing urself to much and he should listen and change your programme if not sack him.