Wendy Alexander to stand down


And about time too.
Just heard this on the beeb to be confirmed later.
And is she not one of the oddest looking burds you've ever seen?
She used to live around the corner from me. If you came across her without any warning (Oh gawd.....that's the last thing I'd want) you would jump back in horror. The sight of all of them - kids, pensioner husband, the joker herself - didn't do you any good either. Ridiculously conceited. Who the f*** thought she had any ability? Was this some kind of mass hysteria?


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Rats leaving the sinking ship - or getting out of the Executive before the bailiffs move in I hope.


Another nail in Paw Broons coffin!

But she will continue as an MSP and still manage to be a pain in the arse and eat from the trough.
Much as I'm enjoying the spectacle of another NuLab apparatchik jumping ship, I can't see it making much difference. Paisley's full of inbred, mis-shapen dolies who'd vote Labour if they put Hitler up for election. Get rid of one pseudo-socialist and another'll be along in a minute.
Typical corruption, she should have sacked on the spot for stealing OUR money. What about husband and wife team Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper, both claiming their extra housing allowances to steal our taxpayers' money - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7473853.stm

No worse than Tories though. Tory chairperson Caroline Spelman stealing our money, using allowances to pay for a nanny - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7476527.stm

Every single one of them are disgusting filthy criminals who steal our money, then attempt to prevent us knowing about their expense claims. But if I claimed for a single missed meal for, say, £3.00 and couldn't produce a receipt I would probably be done over for fraud.

Come the revolution brothers and sisters.....
And now the Liebear Empire starts to crumble. It's the same old story - money.

Get shed loads of it for yourself and let the rest of the country go out of business or starve, whilst at the same time the armed forces have to put up with fighting in two crxp wars overseas.

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PD - a little unfair. There is one MP (Tory, I forget his name) who doesn't employ anyone to do any of his work for him and who publishes every single claim he makes on his website. He takes the view that if the public is paying his salary, they have a right to know what expense claims he makes and that they are right to expect him to do all the work.

The other MPs regard him as being rather odd...
Dear Readers --- don't forget that the Lia-bour Partie is officially 'bust' so it is understood. Now, if Lie-bour Zanuf-Pf were a private company that has gone bust, then the main shareholders.... ie: Pa Gonads Broon, Alistair 'Baldrick' Darling and Pals would all be financially liable. So, that being so - then technically an MP or a bankrupt in law, cannot stand for Parliament!! so then all things being equal before the LAw [which is a fantasy}, then Pa Broone and Pals should be turned out of Parliament with the Bailiffs after them....

But we know how the Law protects the powerful, rich and famous just like Teflon B'Liar.....

But we have to take heart, that at the Henley bye-election after Boris resigned as MP. The Nue-Liebor candidate lost his deposit... he came in after the BNP. Does that say something, or does that say something?

More pain and embarassment must be coming down the highway for poor old Grodon. He don't look a well man, maybe he should just go and see Her Maj at Buckhouse and ask for an early general election to be pencilled in for the Autumn... Oh yes!! 8) (But thats just something else to add to my Wish List)
From Medya interviews ,it appears that this woman is blaming others(inc civil servants) for her demise.Typical of this lot.Even when caught red handed,they refuse to go quietly!!



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