Im off to wembley on saturday to watch the mighty Bristol Rovers take on the shrews, just wondering where is the best place for a pint before hand to take in some of the atmosphere!

Any suggestions?
Should they sell beer at the ground???

They will be a place near by. There always is.
mshortm. i will be joining you!!!!!!! Rather p*ssed off as it looks like the other half of the city are going too!!!! either that or the mighty Gas have found themselves an extra 25,000 loyal fans!!! Hope the atmoshere is better than the Millenium stadium. All those fans who learnt the songs last time can try and express themselves in the good old rovers way..

Up the Gas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a good day!!!!!
cant believe ther is a fellow gashead on here. Wher u sat? Loads of shit going in the shrews end and ours! Loads of gas in the shrews end also mind so going to be at least 45 i rkn up there.

sing your hearts out!
My personal favourite moment was when the Shrews had all left the stadium and were off home as the cup was being lifted, there were still over 2000 people in their end cheering the Rovers....

Strange isn't it :D

Special thanks must go to the single, as in 1x Shrews fan who tried to get through the stewards cordon around 20 minutes in. Quite what he thought he was going to do to the 30000 people he was attacking I don't know, but full marks for effort.

Oh, and the complete failure of the no-smoking policy, the half-time toilets were like a fucking nicotine gas chamber.

Oh, and the Wembley playing surface was shite.

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