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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Weluvtheraf, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. As i said, i have loads of respect for the senior Service.
  2. I don't think this one was worried about his i-pod


  3. Lets stop the pissing contest on who did what in this. Big Up to the booties and the jacks for a job well done. BJs all round when they get back to the boat. The RAF werent involved oterwise they would have fvcked it up big stylee.
  4. Is it just me or does Weluv have a problem with the RAF? Kicked out of Apprentice School were you? Failed the Aircrew Aptitude Test? Got buttf****d by a Regiment Gunner?

    Whatever it was it has really upset you hasn't it?

    Got it!! Your Mum is German from Dresden....now I understand!
  5. Yes I have a problem with the RAF. I have seen you operate on ops and TBH its quite comical. One day your ttps are going to get someone hurt or worse. I have had the misfortune of being messed around by your movers at brize and in theatre and I think your all cowboys. You make the kestone Cops look professional, you bunch of amateurs.
  6. Ah ha! The truth is out. So you got delayed at Brize (note a capital B you uneducated numpty) Who hasn't? It's part of being in the forces, and if that's all you have to complain about then I can only hope you are no longer serving because you are obviously a whinging git who has no idea about combined ops, air power, joint force ops or any other war fighting scenario.

    Make comments on threads by all means, but leave out the anti-RAF bit. I just makes you look like a bigger cnut then you already are.

    Ref the thread, well done the RN. Thats from a former Army and RAF serviceman.
  7. No, it isnt all I have to complain about. I could be here all day with my complaints about the RAF who, TBH are clearley not fit for purpose and have no place in todays modern forces. Can't wait for April 1st 2018 when they declare the 100 year experiment over. I think 99% of all ARRSERS agree with me.
  8. Typical. The RN has a good news day and we still end up talking about the crabs...
  9. No, you're right. Big up to the mighty RN. Next person who talks about the RAF has to dress up as a crabfat and invite all ARRSERS to bonk him silly. :hump:
  10. Go on then.

    Sit there and drip all day about the RAF in interweb world.

    See how far it gets you.

    You fucking dull stinkvalve.
  11. OK

    For starters:

    1) They're unproffesional

    2) They cant soldier

    3) The couldnt organise a pissup in a brewry (anyone been through brize and back from theatre will testify to that)

    4) they're fat and lazy

    5) they don't work past 1630 or at weekends

    6) Their fitness is a joke

    7) Their TTPs are laughable at best. At worst dangerous.

    8) They look scruffy in their ponsy blues

    9) They're not fit for purpose

    10) Their women are munters

    11) The RAF Regiment

    12) They go on ops to al Udeed and claim its hard. They wouldnt kniow proper ops if it came and sat on them.

    13) They're well soft.

    I could go on but my personal rage-o-meter is rising dangerously high. :x
  12. Dont work past 1630 on a Friday? I'll fcuking remember that the next time I'm prepping a Herc for a Comp A back from Germany at half past middle of the fcuking night, like we often do at weekends.
    You really are a fcuking tube, old son.

    As for movers........ nuff said I think.

    Well done to the RN/RM as well, maybe word will get round.
  13. I was on a course at a crabfat palace once and I needed a train warrant but they wouldnt give me one as it was after 1630 on a Friday. Others who I know needed to get things done and they are prevented from doing so because of crabs going "ooh I cant help you as its quite late in the afternoon and if I stay here and work, I'll turn into a pumpkin and my friends will cry".

    As I said, lazy and NOT fit for purpose.
  14. Seriously, how many movers have knocked your back doors in??You are a very bitter individual.
  15. 1,But they can spell.
    2,They are not supposed to be soldiers,you are.
    3,They can probably spot your type coming,and turn off the charm they reserve for others.
    4,So no Squaddies are fat and lazy?
    5,You know that is not entirely true,don't you?
    6,See number 4.
    8,Are you in Parade State all day?
    9,See number 5.
    10,All WRAC's are gorgeous?
    11,Good bunch of lads as I recall.
    12,Maybe they just do what they are told to do?
    13,And you are a fan of Private Golden?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.