Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sleeping-beauty, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. ive never had one so im deeply interested in welsh guys!
    im often told im hot, have a bit of experience although im rather young, blablabla.
    y glawr mawr - i need practise in matters of language as well ;-)
    anybody feel addressed??? give me a shout and ill speak
  2. brace yourself.
  3. oh dear................
  5. what's that then?
  6. I've had loads of Welshmen, they're over-rated.
  8. well darling, id like to find out myself... got nothin to lose, so what
  9. cupboards don't count.
  10. i'm a welsh woman...do you joust clams???
  11. Is that the chat-up line you ewes on the sheep? :p

    Aw, CR, just the right age for you, shame you're married now, isn't it?! ;)
  12. not many welsh people in your "royal" army i guess...
    but you know, thats one of the reasons i wanna try them ;-)
  13. this has to be a wah!!! Its MDN trolling for dick again!
  14. You're kidding, you cant scratch your ar$e without tripping over a taff. Personally, I'd swap them all for a dozen Mexicans and a Filipino lady-boy.
  15. a welshman can spot a fake sheep at 50 paces!! Its all in the walk!