Welshman says: Jonny W is well ard.

A picture in tonight's Evening Standard leads me to make this post. I'm 66 and have 'hated' English fly-halfs' since I was able to breathe. I shall not list them - I 'hated' them all!

I 'hate' Jonny Wilkinson BUT if there a braver, harder, tougher, s*dding fly half hanging around, I've not seen him.

In my heart I think Wilkinson is a sorry 'losing t*sser' - (notwithstanding his World Cup Medal), and a 'Posing Prat when kicking' - but, in my brain, what is left of if after 36 years in the 'mob' and then the gin I've drunk since, - he is one seriously BRAVE sod, who should by rights, have been born in Abertillery, and he has my total and utter respect.

See the photo - see what I mean !

Do what you like Mr. Wilkinson MBE, but do not play against Wales again - PLEASE !
Im putting a tenner on the Argies. The All Blacks have had a poor Super 14, tend to peak too early, and the new scrummaging rules favour the Argie badaja technique.

Worth a tenner for a wildcard bet.
Wait and see how the All Blacks get on against France in Auckland tomorrow.

Played 43 - New Zealand 32, France 10, Draws 1
I don't know how to do links - sorry.

Not talking skills here men, just doffing my cap to a top 'gutsy' guy! Not talking which team is best - simply saluting a man with courage.

I don't like praising an English rugby player - I shall be be biting my fingers and dipping my hands in a chip fryer in a minute or two, but the little sod keeps coming back for more!


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mate, to do a direct link just copy and paste the url into the message box. If you can't do this, because it's naughty or whatnot, then right click on the image, select "save picture as" and download to desktop. The go to imageshack or whatnot, upload the photo and crack on!

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