Welshman in the Rifles?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MyUserName, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. Hi, Im 17 and from South Wales near Swansea and hoping to join the Infantry. I know about the Welsh Guards and the Royal Welsh however Im intrested in joining The Rifles is this possible and if yes are there many Welsh in The Rifles and is there any resentment towards them?
  2. You can join which Regiment you want to, main consideration would be though that when the rest of your mates go on leave in a unit that if your all from around the same area its easier to get and give lifts. You will find though there will be lads from all around the UK and commonwealth in every unit though so will always find a variety of accents.
  3. 1 Rifles are local to you in Chepstow.
  4. Absolutely possible and I can't think of any reason why not, and Chepstow is only an hour down the road from you.

    I'd say go for it, and ignore people like taylor taylor as he sounds like a twat.
    I don't recall ever coming across anti Welsh 'hatred' in my 6 years in the AAC.
    Cheers and best of luck.
  5. Thanks for the replys there reassuring. If I was to eventually pass out would I have a say In what battalion I go to? Ive been down to do my BARB and said I wanted to join the infantry and I think my recruiter is thinking I want to or he wants me to go Royal Welsh what shall I say... just no thanks?
  6. Some of the finest Welshman I have met in my life have been Riflemen serving with the Royal Green Jackets (now The Rifles).

    Just be prepared to be call Taff (followed by your Surname) and you will be sorted.

    The Welsh, just like the English, Scottish and even the Irish, aswell as other nationals as The IRON said above are all welcome in the Rifles.

    On that note, despite the Rifles being the largest Regiment they are often over subscribed and can afford to accept only Grade A recruits, so make sure you do well on your BARB and you need to be ba fit lad too to get the A grade to get into the Rifles.

    Good luck fella, Swift and Bold.
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Just make it clear to him which regiment you wish to join. For the record, there were three brothers from South Wales serving in a Rifles battalion (all three joined when it was still the Royal Green Jackets), although one has since left. I did ask the youngest (who was in my platoon) how a bloke from Wales ended up in the Rifles and he said that his oldest brother had been hooked on the Sharpe series so opted for the RGJ and the others just followed him. Think there might have been another brother in the RLC or RA or some such, but he didn't get mentioned much.
  8. I would advise you to be firm but polite to the Sgt in the careers office and state that you have done some research (I'd advise you to do some research!), and that you feel that The Rifles is the battalion for you. Don't be swayed by their insistence that you join their unit or try and push you into a infantry battalion that you don't want to join.

    See if you can think of some reasons that you would rather join The Rifles -(this taken from the army webiste)-
    'We have the widest range of roles of any infantry regiment and, uniquely, we have a battalion in the Commando Role with 3 Commando Brigade. Other battalions offer armoured infantry in Warrior AFVs, Light Role for jungle and mountain operations and Mechanised in Bulldog AFVs' and stick to your guns.
  9. Not a good idea if you want to become a member of the "Taffia" the blokes who wangle jobs in Maindy barracks after they leave the regular Army and get a real cushy number for the rest of their working lives
  10. Thanks again guys for the replies, I did my BARB and felt I messed it up a bit by rushing it however my recruiter said 63 is a good score considering the highest needed is 62 for the MP, I just knew I could of got higher. Fitness wise Im not at the standard needed yet Im decent at running however lack upper body strength. Should I carry on with the application hoping I have enough time to get my fitness up or wait until im fitter.
  11. I was much the same as you, my upper body strength was nothing to write home about, I would work on this as soon as you can. I'm no gym instructor but I did lots of bicep curls and bench pressing and that seemed to do the trick. Don't kick the arse out of it but just keep working on your upper body.
    Not sure what the requirements are nowadays, but say if you need to do 10 chin ups, then make sure that you can do 15 comfortably etc etc.
    Hope this is of some help to you.
  12. Firstly its a long process so id read the many stickies on it and most Recruiters wont send you down until they know youll be at your peek to hopefully get an A grade. You cannot go Rifles unless you get suitable on a CHOSEN MAN course during the application stage but when you get to the Interview stages and choose your job preferences you can pick more than one Infantry cap badge and specify it then in what order of preference. Once down at ADSC the ADSO not only looks at how well you do on ADSC and gives you your grade (IDST score) but also assesses if your Infantry material. Upper body strenght and fitness and robustness is a key factor.
  13. despite the Rifles being the largest Regiment

    How come? The RRS have the same number of Bn's so surely must (or sipposedly) have the same number of bods?
  14. H3

    H3 LE

    No such thing as a Job for life these days , dame shame though ! .... I'm aware of NRPS folk beginning to twitch at the thought of what MAY be laying ahead for them in this current climate , post's been taken away & possible closer of units to make way for a Super camp style center , less folk to run it and saving's for MOD .
  15. not too sure mate - i know the Rifle battalions are in some cases overmanned whilst i know some of the Jock battalions are undermanned.

    both Regiments have 7 battalions (incl TA) but the Rifles also have TA companies in Durham and Shrewsbury, as well as a Company in Doncaster - maybe this makes them the biggest with those extra 3 companies and extra bods in the battalions?

    anyhow, as others have indicated - stick to your guns and don't be swayed in your choices.

    swat up about the Regimental ethos on the Rifles Website and make sure they know you want to be a Chosen Man and nothing else.
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