Welsh Veterans Recognition Card.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ALVIN, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    And whats it going to cost us?
  2. £5 million according to the beeb!
  3. Still not an incentive to move to Wales tho'. :)
  4. Considering that we have Peace, freedom and democracy in return, thanks to the British veteran, i would say that this is remarkable value for money.

    Can you put a price on Peace, Freedom and Democracy ??
  5. Why should the fact that you are an ex serviceman give you any special privileges? Ten years spent stacking blankets and getting pissed gives you priority over everyone else?
  6. Agreed, I have visions of an ex-squaddie turning up in an A&E waving the card round expecting to be seen with nothing more than a blister. Clinical need is the most important.
  7. Perhaps it's for some form of Old-Timer's Top Trumps?
  8. Sure, but possession of a Veterans Card under this proposed scheme would not entitle the veteran to anything to which he or she is not already entitled - i.e. priority treatment for a service-related condition. Priority treatment for conditions attributable to service has been extensively discussed on ARRSE before, and there is a range of views about it: fairly operated, I support it.

    Instead, possession of a card would make it easier for the patient to establish his or her basic status as a veteran. In principle there should be no great effect on Welsh NHS costs. Other aspects of this proposed scheme would have a cost to Welsh public services, but I was quite positive about it in an interview on Good Morning Wales yesterday morning.
  9. So, another socialist peccadillo funded by the English taxpayer. Like the Free prescriptions and free Uni access that the porridge wogs benefit from at our expense.
  10. oh right so wales is a tax free haven is it, knob. enjoy your olympics that BRITISH tax payers bought.
  11. Yawn.........You'll have some facts to back those myths up I suppose.
  12. .... which is proposed by the Welsh Conservatives. (Yup, there's an Assembly election on the way.) But I don't see the UK (England/Scotland/Wales/N.I) taxpayer's contribution being increased to cover this initiative, so the extra cost of the proposed scheme should only impact on the Welsh Assembly's budget.
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Hackle it's not going to happen (well it might in Wales) I have letters from Mr Robathan stating it's not going to happen and he states this policy is supported by all of the important military charities.
  14. I think Mr Robathan has also said that in a ministerial answer.

    The interesting thing about this Welsh Conservative idea is that the funding and concessions are within the gift of the Welsh Assembly.

    The MoD have no say in the concessions EXCEPT (importantly) there would have to be some way of verifying service.

    Another obvious question, as I have pointed out elsewhere, is how you define a "veteran" for the purposes of such a scheme. Other countries manage it, however.

    Interesting that "all the important charities" are against the idea. Are they against the proposed concessions?

    It would not be surprising if similar proposals come forward in the manifestos of various parties for the devolved government elections in May.