Welsh train driver fcuks 3 cows...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Civvy Scum, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. Cows have supplanted sheep now? Jesus I've only been out of the country for two and a half years and the whole worlds gone mad.

    Though I see it was in west Wales which says it all really.

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  2. H3

    H3 LE

    Amateur .... Only 3 mun !
    I see what you did there butty ;0)
  3. Meh. I've seen more damage to livestock done by 2RTR at Castlemartin.
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  4. Does anybody have a grid reference?
    I'll get me butchers knives :)
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  5. I remember someone wanging a MILAN praccy round into a flock of sheep on the ranges waaaay back. Bits of the bleating fcukers everywhere. Took out two of em. The others legged it & then stood looking back at their oppos wondering what the fcuk happened.

    I did hear a dit about an MFC wallah dropping some 81mm into a pile of sheep during lamb season who had wandered onto the ranges somewhere darn sarf....the RO cleared them to go pick up the best bits for dinner. Allegedly.
  6. I expected to see some of the stars in the police programmes on drunkenness in Cardiff having a quickie on their way to the club..
  7. Many many moons ago on a range down on the North bank of the Thames, the local farmer would drive his old Ewes onto the ranges just before we were due down. He knew he would get compensation for any animal shoot, and we knew we would get mutton stew that night.

    7.62 drops a sheep very well indeed.
  8. Only when fired from the SLR, obviously :)

    The gay piece of shit
  9. Shoeburyness, perchance?

    I remember in the very early 70's, we had to put guys out in boats to warn shipping
    that the crazy bleeps were being let loose with LMG's. They should have been positioned
    1. Three miles from the entry to the Estuary.
    2. Maidenhead.
    see, everybody knows most bleepy types are crap with 'Bang Sticks'

    Gas Stoppage, anyone?
  10. I recall a Bedford 3 tonner running into a buffalo in Brunei, Buff survived, Bedford got a dismounted cab and an hysterical driver, Christ what a laff that was.
  11. Ahhhh...Brunei also saw a Subaru v's Wild Boar on the road near the officers mess at the roundabout in Panaga. 1-0 to the boar, that ran off unscathed!
  12. Driving home one night, an oncoming vehicle flashed his brights at me. Having the Emperor Mong as a passenger, I merely flashed him right back and gave him the finger as we passed. Couple of seconds later, at 50mph, I went through a herd of sheep standing in the middle of the road. Ate mutton for a couple of days after that but the damage to the car cost me a bit more than I'd have liked.