Welsh soldiers celebrate St David's Day in Helmand

Ministry of Defence said:
Welsh soldiers deployed to Afghanistan have celebrated St David's Day in the traditional way by munching their way through whole, raw leeks.

Not keen on eating leeks are they,,,just making leek and onion soup at the mo.......
cymru am byth indeed!

However, they Celebrate by eating raw leeks?

Takes all kinds I supposed. I tried eating raw leaks once. It produced some champion guffs. I'll wager Terry will stay away from the boyos for a day or two.
St Dais day in hohne with the welsh guards had the reme cream them at rugby sevens, mind you they had drunk an awful lot of beer by that time


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How did they get sheep out there?????


I tried some raw leak last week, whilst I was chopping it. **** me it's strong! The taste lingered all evening.

Lovely cooked, rancid raw.

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