welsh SAS route

Now i've done the walking and have the routes for the old endurance and 24hr tests and knowledge of the surrounding countrysides the input of the 'spirit of 69' proved to be most valueable. LOL
E-Layer - You best make a run for it to your nearest safe house. it's not raining out so he might be out with his cloak and dagger! :)

"weather depending". i love it :)

so you're allegedly going for scaley basic training soon and already asking about SAS Selection routes??

do you have your own webbing and beret? i'd turn up for training with them ;)
H_M_ARRSE said:
i might be able to get some helpful input for all those tricks of hill walking.
There's no trick to hillwalking, as such. Just keep walking up big hills and practice micro-navigation. Eventually you'll be good at it. Job done.
Does anyone actually know who HM ARRSE is (sorry for those of you who do)? And if so can i suggest you drag his sorry back side round the side of a large building and fill him in aggressively! Stupid foolish biy that he is!

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