Welsh Rugby Rumours

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by chemystery, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Has anybody heard any rumours regarding the Welsh camp and any unease. A couple of things that people have said to me are as follows.

    A certain coach who left under a cloud was allegedly having it away with a players wife and also a wife of one of the directors.

    Michael Owen was lamping Martyn Williams at the end of Scrum V on Sunday?

    Chris Horseman picking on little boy Rob Sidoli?

    Anybody heard these and others? I must point out that I have no evidence of the above and that I can't substaniate any of them.....should keep the lawyers quiet..... :wink:
  2. blimey

    i'd have paid good money to watch some of that!
  3. Sadly, as a Welshman, nothing surprises me about the way our game is run. More 'Committee men' than clubs and the stupidity of the East / West rivalry. The selection of brain-dead 'leaders' and the dismissal of a coach who had just won a Triple Crown, Championship and Grand Slam.

    From the beginning of time we, the Welsh, have fought amongst ourselves with disasterous consequences. Insular, narrow-minded, bigotted and parochial, we bring most of our troubles upon ourselves - and I do not exclude myself !
  4. Ah but your not really Welsh are you
  5. Despite being 'deep under cover' (ie, living in Wales), I haven't heard any rumours but there was this story in the HolyMoly mailout this week.

    8O :D
  6. I heared about the players wife rumour from a very good source. But its pure speculation :wink: . Personally I dont care if he was giving Duncan Jones a good ******* whilst being felched by the under 19s, BRING HIM BACK