welsh rugby?? on the up!!!

great result today,although ireland were poor but a great start to hopefully a great partnership between the gat,eddy ,howley and the beast that is welsh rugby! :D
jibman said:
great result today,although ireland were poor but a great start to hopefully a great partnership between the gat,eddy ,howley and the beast that is welsh rugby! :D
At least we were shite but played fairly!!! :D

Well done the taffs though and the oatmeal ethnics.
Played Fairly?! Tell that to Ryan Jones after Jackman ran in, offside, while Ryan Jones was trying to stay out the way, and charged into his back. Both Teams had ttransgressions in discipline. The words pot, kettle and black come to mind.
Before the tournament there was a lot of hype about Vainikolo, personally I dont think that there is a coach in the world who would take him above Shane Williams (Not a bad scrum half either) at the moment.
Ryan Jones was superb and Henson deserves praise as he had O'Driscoll in check throughout the game. The Mike Phillips needs to keep his temper in check for the Froggies cos they do like a bit of niggle (Awesome try saving tackle though), but I think Martin Williams was taking 10 for the team, not very sporting but bloody effective by the crafty old ginger fox although I couldnt possibly condone that sort of behaviour :wink: .
Ireland however did deserve to lose due to their game plan. It seemed to be they just wanted to stop us playing rather than let their own talented backs have a run.
We all know that France are having a laugh with their selection at the moment, but can on their day they can beat any team in the world. However next week at the Millenium, with the GS at stake, I think we can do it, just give Shane a bit of space.

Team Sheet is out for Saturday

Wales: L. Byrne; M. Jones, T. Shanklin, G. Henson, S. Williams; J. Hook, M. Phillips; G. Jenkins, H. Bennett, A. Jones, I. Gough, A.W. Jones, J. Thomas, M. Williams, R. Jones (capt). Reps: M. Rees, D. Jones, I. Evans, G. Delve, D. Peel, S. Jones, S. Parker.

France squad:

Backs: J-B Elissalde (Toulouse), D. Yachvili (Biarritz), F. Trinh-Duc (Montpellier), D. Skrela (Stade Francais), D. Traille (Biarritz), Y. Jauzion, V. Clerc (both Toulouse), J. Malzieu (Clermont-Auvergne), C. Heymans (Toulouse), A. Floch (Clermont-Auvergne).

Forwards: D. Szarzewski (Stade Francais), W. Servat (Toulouse), F. Barcella (Auch), J-B Poux (Toulouse), N. Mas (Perpignan), L Nallet (Castres, capt), A. Mela (Albi), J. Thion (Biarritz), F. Ouedraogo (Montpellier), T Dusautoir (Toulouse), J. Bonnaire, E. Vermeulen (both Clermont-Auvergne).

Dont Know what the frog's starting line up will be but I think its a good idea to let Hooky get stuck into em, and let Stephen Jones come on in the second half to keep it tight
That french squad is unconfirmed. Livremont will confirm the final squad tomorrow
Team News:

France: 15 Anthony Floch (Clermont), 14 Vincent Clerc, 13 Yannick Jauzion (both Toulouse), 12 Damien Traille (Biarritz), 11 Julien Malzieu
(Clermont), 10 David Skrela (Stade Francais) , 9 Jean-Baptiste Elissalde(Toulouse) , 8 Julien Bonnaire (Clermont), 7 Fulgence Ouedraogo (Montpellier), 6 Thierry Dusautoir (Toulouse) , 5 Jérôme Thion (Biarritz), 4 Lionel Nallet (Castres, captain), 3 Nicolas Mas (Perpignan), 2 Dimitri Szarzewski (Stade Francais), 1 Fabien Barcella (Auch)

Replacements: 16 William Servat (both Toulouse), 17 Jean-Baptiste Poux (Albi), 18 Arnaud Méla, 19 Elvis Vermeulen (both Clermont), 20 Dimitri Yachvili (Biarritz), 21 François Trinh-Duc (Montpellier), 22 Cedric Heymans (Toulouse)
and that d*ckhead French coach hasn't put Rougerie on, although he scored one and had one held up on Sunday against Italy!

And Yachvili out too - q'est ce que cais?
Absolutely blinding & not just because Mike Phillips is so bloody gorgeous.

Well done the Welsh & all that sail on her xx
Well done Boyos, from an Englishman.
I watched the game tonight and it looked like the Millenium Stadium was about to lift off!
You caught us cold at Twickenham and have just got better and better. A well deserved Grand Slam.

Can we have Charlotte Church and Katherine Jenkins? :)
Well done to the Welsh

a remarkeable turn around in tactics and training

it looks like Eddie O Sullivan is going to be working with Steve Staunton
Well done welsh rugby team :D


Well done, Wales! A well deserved victory and a brilliant Grand Slam.

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