Welsh Prime Minister running Australia tomorrow?


Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, backed by factional Labor Party warlords, has made a tilt at Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's leadership.

Mr Rudd has told a press conference that earlier this evening Ms Gillard visited him to request a leadership ballot.

Mr Rudd says the Labor caucus will vote on the party and Federal Government leadership tomorrow at 9:00am AEST.

"Earlier this evening Julia Gillard requested a ballot for the leadership. I will be writing to the secretary of caucus to convene a special meeting at 9:00am tomorrow morning," he said.

"It's important for these matters to be resolved quickly."

Ms Gillard has confirmed she will run against her leader tomorrow.

"I will be a candidate in tomorrow's ballot," she said.

Events have moved quickly today as support for Mr Rudd collapsed around him. Things came to a head this evening as a number of Labor's most senior figures, including Ms Gillard, met in Mr Rudd's office.

This evening the Prime Minister told the media he had lost the support of factional leaders in the party.

"It has become apparent to me that a number of factional leaders no longer support my leadership, that is why it is imperative these matters be resolved," he said.

"I was elected by the people of Australia to do a job. I was not elected by the factional leaders of the Labor Party to do a job. Although they may be seeking to do a job on me."

Ms Gillard was born in Barry in 1961 and emigrated to Australia with her family in 1966. She's commonly known to the Parliamentary press gallery as the orange roughy, a species of fish of the slimehead family. In her particular case it also embraces her hair colouring and her debating style.


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