Welsh press support their "Boys"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. http://icwales.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0200wales/tm_headline=heroic-welsh-troops-desert-victory&method=full&objectid=19688065&siteid=50082-name_page.html

  2. and this is wrong...why?
  3. should that not be for the

  4. It's good! I wish that the UK press would stop being so negative about EVERYTHING including Iraq and Afghanistan.
  5. I must admit when my old Regiment deploys to that particular theatre, 3 out of 4 times the local media, NI forces friendly obviously lol, plus evening news will visit them for 3 to 4 days and report on them in a positive way. Good for familys but also is used as a recruiting tool.
  6. When Welsh press turns against Welsh soldiers - I shall spill blood!

    I promise!

    English, Scottish and Ulster press - say your piece.

    Welshmen - tell the truth and before you judge -

    a. take yourself out of the office;

    b. think about the political direction;

    and then , only then:

    c. tell me ( with your name and address) if you know the name of any soldier wearing a Welsh cap-star or badge, who is not up to your exacting standards.

    We may be awful at cricket and dreadful at rugby - but fighting for an 'English' crown I think we have done our bit - so get stuffed or front up!!
  7. Anyone interested in the RWF, should read Robert Graves' book - ' Goodbye to All That '

    Good to see the journalist got up to speed on 'Welch' and 'Welsh' in his piece.
  8. ISBN 0 - 14 - 018098 - 2 for the book.
  9. Has somebody had too much leek soup, me thinks? Boyo. :oops:
  10. Moon-Monkey etc,

    You are probably spot on, but Cradiff (Cardiff even!) yesterday and the bloody Oval today!!!

    Good post by you nevertheless - Wales! Wales! Wales!
  11. Isquared, I take your sentiments wholeheartedly on board [Grandad was from Pont y Gwaith], but those boys are hardly fighting for an English Crown now are they? German, you bloody pillock!

    "Nother pint of Felinfoel for Mrs Williams's boy over year!"

    Cymru am Byth!
  12. Another good point well made 'Davethe Ape'.

    A minor quibble -'German' possibly, but indesputably the Sovereign.

    However, I bet you they are not fighting for 'The Man from the Manse' though, nor his disreputable predecessor - 'The Prince of Spivs'.

    PS. Is 'feeling-foul' still obtainable?
  13. Very true isquared, the Welsh have done more than there bit, like everyone else, but it doesnt make them any better or worst soldiers than the rest :wink:
  14. Felinfoel - the world's first brewery to think of stuffing beer in cans, God bless 'em, what would squaddies in all sorts of places do without that little bit of technical innovation - is alive and well - or was last time I went that far West - I'm a Brains man meself.

    As for books on the RWF, the two by (Fus) Frank Richards DCM, MM, 2 RWF are just as good as the Graves. He was a tom who first served in India, then was a recalled reservist for WW1. He sent his WW1 experiences to Graves, who had been his boss at one stage, who got him a publisher and wrote the foreword, and who then encouraged him to write a second book on his time in India. Proper squaddy who gives credit where due, but not frightened to call a spade a bloody shovel where that's required. I defy anybody who's ever served not to recognise most of what he's about. (Unless of course you're teetotal). Just google Frank Richards and you'll get the Amazon listings for the recent(ish) reprints. (You'll also get the Billy Bunter author of the same name up with him, as though it was the same bloke, but that's life and Amazon).

    Cymru am Byth
  15. Never knew about the beer cans Jim25. Well done those Taffs! 8)

    The Welsh are a damn good bunch, (as are the rest of us). Good to see some support for any of our lads and lasses even though it was a bit political in parts.

    BTW Isquared, as an Englishman I can tell you that being awful at cricket is fine with me. It's a tedious sport (?) that many love but I personally detest. :x

    I'll now start hiding and wait for my countrymen to hunt me down like a wild animal then hang, draw and quarter me... :cry:

    Re rugby, well I played against 1 WG many moons ago and I'm STILL hurting, so can't agree there mate. :oops:

    Also Isquared, "cap star"??? Do I detect a Woodentop from, dare I say it, a non-Welsh bit of the Guards??? If so, well how the hell did that happen? :p