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Complete urban myth - maybe happened to one English bloke in Llanberis is 1950 for being a cock...
That's the thing it doesn't happen to me, but it does to people I know who were born and bred here, who choose to speak English in daily life

It's not racism, it's just people being a cock
So don’t live and work there. Get a job in England. It’s not as if the NHS is oversubscribed. They’re begging for people to work for them.

But don’t moan because you have voluntarily moved to a place you don’t like amongst a load of people that you hate.
I'm sorry but you're an idiot if you move to somewhere knowing they speak a different language and yet complain about it. It's funny how some complain about immigrants coming over and not 'integrating' and learning the language then move elsewhere in the UK, don't learn the language and don't integrate.

Complete urban myth - maybe happened to one English bloke in Llanberis is 1950 for being a cock...
I'm calling nonsense on this one too. It's over-exaggerated but people still buy into 'horror stories' about walking into a pub and people speaking Welsh...because maybe that's their first language.

Some of the trolling here is sub-par too.
Grr the Welsh Greens are just as idiotic as the English ones, this idea is so woke Godfrey Elfwick could have written it himself

Typical socialist throwbacks, a 'latte levy' will not improve peoples homes, give them better jobs, raise our kids' education levels, improve communications, help the struggling NHS which is being mismanged by Welsh Labour etc etc . . .

A "latte levy" on disposable coffee cups should be introduced in Wales to reduce waste, campaigners have said.

UK ministers rejected calls for a 25p charge per single-use cup in the Autumn Budget, proposing a plastic packaging tax instead.

Charity City to Sea now wants the Welsh Government to take the lead, as it did with the 5p carrier bag charge in 2011.
I bet they'd put in an exception for fair trade vegan skinny latte mochachino coffee, so as not to trigger the more woke Guardian readers....

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