Welsh not British?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pandaplodder, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone notice that photo shopped pictures of the Welsh flag are doing the rounds on social media with the words "Welsh not British"?

    Someone told me today about this blog Welsh not British: Mission Statement also on Twitter (lots of Irish Republican sentiment) https://twitter.com/welshnotbritish

    It claims to be a bite sized blog about Welsh independence but there is always references to the evil Imperialist British and atrocities in Ireland.

    So who are Welsh not British? there is a rumour it is supporters of Irish Republican dissidents who want to stir up as much trouble as possible on the mainland.
  2. This is an outrageous racial denigration, they may be rather an embarrassment that you'd want to keep locked in the attic but the Welsh are as British as Baroness Warsi.
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  3. I had similar stuff on facebook for a Scottish republic group(Srsm Alba) lot of Pro ETA/IRA/Republican stuff on it page run by someone living in Canada best laugh he claimed if he was living here he'd de for Scotland typical stir the shite up from oversea's and not have the bottle to do anything that would mean getting your hands dirty. For the fact of the fuckwits posting there I dont think I'll be voting yes in 2014.
  4. If they didn't want to be British then they shouldn't have let themselves be conquered.
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  5. They're loner tossers who stick stuff out on the internet, but haven't got the guts to actually try to run for power or put themselves out there so that everyone can rightly throw rocks at them.
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    hahahahhahahahahahahaha someone better tell those idiots that the Welsh are the Britons and therefore more British than the Anglo Saxon/Norse/Norman hybrids. Me? I'm a right bloody mongrel got a grandparent from each of the home nations.
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  7. Sheep abusing cnuts the lot of them

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  8. Such Internet Hooligans do nothing to serve the nationalist cause regardless of country. they are doing themselves and their fellow countryman a disservice. Nationalism is something one feels in their heart - not something to be worn on the sleeve as a a badge or a flag to be waved in everybody's face. Yes, I am a nationalist, a ferocious nationalist, I support my nation by promoting its industry, its agriculture, its tourist industry - NOT by denigrating it and supporting violence. Civil disobedience - definitely, violence, never.

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  9. People who twitter are utter knobheads!
    the welsh are lovely isn't it, and can I be the first to show outrage?
  10. Eh, the Welsh are as British as they come. They're just the lastest in the stream of grumbly neigbours. The scots. The irish. Shit, even a lot of us.
  11. Wether they like it or not they ARE geographicly British as thier principality happens to be part of Great Britain which is the largest Island within the British Isles. Same can be said of Scotland. Again yet another forigener who has got all emotional about his "homeland" after discovering his Great, great , great , great, great , great Grandfather was born there. I just dismiss these loons with the contempt they deserve.

  12. Isn't England technically the conquered nation? Didn't that Henry bloke come from Wales and become king?
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  13. Think they're getting British and English confused, easily done I guess, ask any johnny foreigner what a British person is and they'll tell you all about the English.
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  14. I live in Wales, but think of myself as British, rather than Welsh. Then again I suppose I don't have much choice, with two Swedish grandparents, one Irish grandparent and the other English. Most of us are Heinz (57 varieties) if we go back far enough.
  15. This Welsh bint has just been on my telly doing some cooking.
    A proper Welsh name too - Michela Chiappa.
    Right tidy!