Welsh MP ordered out of commons for misleading B

I remember old Skinner calling some-one a lying b*stard once, being told to withdraw the comment and offering to withdraw the word lying. He got thrown out :lol:
Why is it always the rightwing nuts who get to say all the good stuff?

I tend to shy away from nationalist parties as they seem one step removed from facist's. But they do say all the stuff that gets applause.

maybe Howard should kick up a rumpus.
Given my usual anti-Welsh stance on just about eveything. I feel I should applaud this chap for having the bollox to say what he means.

Still hope the Irish win the rugby though!
Here, here!

Hope the Irish tank 'em :lol:
maybe Howard should kick up a rumpus.
Buwahahahahahahahhahahahaa. Howard upset his party leader?

If 'misleading the House' is reason enough to be asked to fetch ones' coat, shouldn't we have been treated to the spectacle of Lord Bach (yes, the other place), TCH, Adam Ingram et al being asked to do the same over the Bowman project?

All 3 have declared unequivocally, in and out of commitee, that the project is ahead of time and delivered capability, and under budget. These are lies.

Well fellas - let's see you laugh off the latest utterly dreadful shitstorm to hit that particular project - and I'm particularly looking forward to your explanations of how the project has apparently gone backwards in terms of capability and time, yet has run out of money. How shall this miracle be achieved if a charge of 'misleading the house' is to be avoided?

Shall I fetch your coats now? Cnuts. :evil:

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