Welsh MP "CRE is institutionally racist"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 5_mile_sniper, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. Finally, someone is taking sense here. I suggest that Trevor Phillips and his pals immediately launch an investigation into themselves at great cost to the taxpayer, the end result of which will be a report suggesting new quotas for white people in their organisation and the setting up of special "awareness training" for all employees.

  2. ...after being told, in black and white terms, what his future with the Party would be if he didn't forego his right to his opinions.
  3. Jesus! I can't believe he's climbed down that quickly :evil:

    Good to see that it's possible to have a open debate on this :roll:
  4. problem is its not much of a debate if and the first sign of protests he has to appologise (how do you spell that :? )
  5. Jash, that's my point. As soon as someone expresses an opinion that doesn't fit with what the PC Police expect them to be thinking then they are immediately accused of being a racist or card carrying member of the BNP. If that person happens to be a prospective Tory candidate then all the better for the likes of the CRE, as they're basically an extension of the Labour party.

    That said they do turn on their own as well. Bloke called David Goodheart pubished a paper about a week ago that basically explained how our attempts to build a multicultural society here in the UK through masssive immigration are doomed to fail and that we should be rethinking our strategies. This guy is a card carrying leftie and even he was immediately leapt on by all the usual suspects. Trevor Phillips of the CRE accused him of championing the policies of Enoch Powell, called him a racist and all sorts of other lovely things!

    These people are not prepared to allow any other side put forward a counter argument. They operate a "Dubya" like logic that says you are either with them or against them and if you're against them then you are a racist simple as that.

    Most people are not racist, they just see what they see around them in their daily lives. They are not interested in the statistics that the government et al churn out to try to qualify what is a short sighted immigration policy.

    All they are interested in is what they see with their own two eyes and if what they see appears to be an erosion of all that they belive in by people who are not interested in integrating with our society, would rather clump themselves together in areas and form their own little ghettos and allow people like Abu Hamza to openly preach about brining down the "Infidel" in his own country, what conclusion do you think they are going to come to? That doesn't make them racist, they are just angry that nobody seems to be listening to them or, infact, giving a shyte about what they want. When that happens, the likes of the BNP step onto the scene and everyone suffers in the long term.

    Takes deep breath, steps down off soap box!
  6. 8O

    however well said 5 mile
  7. Well argued Sir.

    Sorry I can't resist it but - being a Gunner you'd know all about forming ghettoes. - cheap shot and meant very tongue in cheek. Honest!!
  8. Spot on 5 mile, hardly a word out of place..... but you do realize, by agreeing with you we're all going to prove to some snooping Jerno that the military is a racist organization, even if it is bo11ocks.
  9. Course the Army is 'ist.

    I am a Yorkshireman - I recognise that the Yorkshire Rgts are far superior to those low rent Southern types and barely describable collections of thieves, rogues and shell suited semi permed cretins that come from a place I can 't bring myself to mention.

    I know Gunners who loathe Sappers and Sappers who loathe Gunners (actually lots of people who loathe Gunners).

    And the RLC well really!

    Indeed about the only part of the Army not loathed by another part of the Army is the Cav and that's only because they are loathed by the whole Army.

    Buggered if I know how anyone manages to work with anyone else.
  10. Just to branch out a little on the ghetto thing here......
    It would seem that the little ghettos are about to become a little bigger! I was in comms yesterday with a property management company who are advertising for area managers, at various listed locations UK. I checked them out online, as the wages were far too good for the locations specified. Anyhow, it seems this company are at present offering to rent and or buy up hotels, guest houses, large unoccupied residential homes etc. etc…. and have a never ending queue of tenants to occupy same. Their guarantees to landlords and property agents are that the highest rentals possible will be paid and their properties will never remain empty.
    The company in question, as do plenty of similar ones springing up that I found on the search, work for the Immigration and Nationality Directorate and provides accommodation for asylum seekers. It does have a never-ending stream of tenants with the government paying top rents. Alarmingly, they are advertising urgently for manager(S)
    And 5 mile, as you rightly said, people CAN see with their own two eyes, but its not often a hotel or large establishment has a for sale board outside, its all done discreetly, but perhaps, when the coach loads arrive next door to any of us, thats when the property values start depreciating considerably, it will be too late to do anything about it. :evil:

    Coming to an area near YOU!!

    I tried to submit a similar post to this thread last night but the Shiraz outweighed the keyboard