Welsh Mountain rescuers cash warning

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by flamingo, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. "Mountain rescue teams in Wales say their service will suffer if the government does not help to fund them like their Scottish counterparts.

    Many teams believe the extra money is needed to reflect their increasing use as "urban search" teams by police.

    One team member from north Wales said he feared the 999 service was simply regarded as a "cheap resource".

    The Home Office said it was a matter for police forces to decide how they assisted local mountain rescue teams.

    Mountain rescue in Scotland has been part-funded by the Scottish Executive since 2003. The 23 teams receive £300,000 a year to divide between them.

    The assembly government gives the 11 teams in Wales £18,000, but this money can only be used to buy equipment. The UK Government provides no cash for mountain rescue.

    Many teams say they now spend as much time fund-raising as they do on rescues... "

    Full story at:


    I believe the rescue teams in Cumbria are in the same trouble.

    As lots of us are into outdoor sports, and may rely on these guys sometime, why not consider lobbying MP's or Welsh AM's for improved funding for these guys?

    For those who have never done this before, the contact details for politicians can be found on http://www.theyworkforyou.com/ :sentemail:

    (MOD: if this is in the wrong forum, sorry, and please move to somewhere more appropriate)
  2. "Dear Mrs Moon

    I have just seen that there is concern over the funding of mountain rescue teams, ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/6310521.stm )and was very surprised at the low level of public support that these teams receive, especially in view of the use made of them as a 999 service. As there is a team based in Sarn (Western Beacons Mountain Search and Rescue Team), I would believe that this is an issue you could raise as a local MP. I do believe that the Home Office response of it being up to local police forces to give funding is a bit of buck-passing.

    I would believe that a comparison could be drawn with the RNLI, as both are voluntary organisations that provide needed specialist skills to support the emergency services.

    Although in no way involved with this team, I do have a lot of self-interest in this, as I am a keen hill-walker, and although I have been fortunate enough never to need their services, one never knows what next weekend might bring!

    Kind regards"

    I've just sent this to my MP and AM. Come on guys, am I on my own here?
  3. Thanks for the link mate.
    I've heard that Mountain Rescue in the Lakes get calls from idiots on the fells saying that they're thirsty ffs.

    Cheers again for the link
  4. Thanks Trevelez, I was very surprised to see the level of funding these guys get (or don't get, rather). Typical Home Office response, buck-passing onto the local police - Although I wonder hou many hours police overtime £18,000 would buy, and they expect to get 24/7 mountain rescue back-up for all of Wales for this, AND use them every time they want extra manpower for area searches.
  5. Well, the police have been given the powers to charge people for various things, like retrieval of cars that have been stolen and I have a friend whose son crashed into the central reservation. As he was over the limit he was required to pay for the repair of the central reservation (cost his dad a lot of money!!)

    Why don't the Mountain Rescue services start charging the police for their services? In fact, why don't they ask for a contribution from each of the people they rescue as well?

    And for those who are thirsty.. charge double!
  6. There's the VAT issue too?

    These lads know what they're doing, and doing it free of charge. Area searches are outside of their remit; it's equivalent to theft
  7. You mean sell them the water? Good idea, Perrier £1500 a bottle. It'd still be cheaper than the West End!
  8. Perhaps the way ahead is for MR teams time to be charged at pre-published rates for any work outside their primary role of SAR on the hill. This would include calls to non-emergencies, and use by police.
  9. Or receive some public funding to cover the work they do...
  10. If you get rescued in the Alps without insurance you're stuffed, simple as. If a heli is called out you're double stuffed
  11. Dont make me laugh!, Im a Governor member of the RNLI. You think we get public funding, dream on!. :mad:
  12. This is exactly the type of thing the lottery should be funding not one legged immigrant gay support groups
  13. Thats why I dont play the Lottery in this country!
  14. Because it goes against the ethos of the mountain rescue council.

    They offer their services on a voluntary basis, and whilst they may not approve of some of the questionable 'rescue calls' they recieve, they remain impartial and seek to educate rather than dictate as to what people should and shouldn't avoid.

    Add to that, that most of the volunteers are themselves the type of individual who spends lots of time out and about doing exactly the same activities as those they rescue.
  15. MM - in my dealings with RNLI it was made quite clear to me that public funding wasn't wanted as it would then give 'others' some say in how it was run, - and this was put across forcibly by a senior person!!

    Anyhow, - ain't they the richest charity in the UK? :thumright: