Welsh military rule in Pakistan

With the new regimental goat, Wales has imposed martial law in Pakistan.
This goat stands 14 ft. tall at the tip of the horns, and is Pakistan's National Animal. It needs 2 Goat Majors to lead it on parade.
(quote)"Great Orme, Llandudno.
The first intimation of Capra Markhor is the rank odour. It is strong, musty and compelling. Sometimes he can be found wandering the wooded hillside. There is a flash of white in the undergrowth and a head slowly rises from behind a bramble bush. The eyes regard one with intelligence. The mouth grins wickedly and two enormous horns curve backwards, almost touching the nape of his neck. The horns are crenulated, with large ridges unevenly spaced along their length. A shaggy fringe covers his forehead and his beard grows long. These are the Great Orme Kashmiri goats, whose ancestors once roamed the mountains of Northern India.

The Royal Welsh Fusiliers have obtained most of their regimental goat mascots from Whipsnade stock. The origin of the Great Orme goats and the story of their arrival in Britain, is interesting. In the early part of the last century, Squire Christopher Tower, from Brentwood in Essex, discovered a large herd which had recently been imported from Kashmir into France. The idea was to create a profitable woollen industry. Squire Tower decided to purchase two of these goats, and took them to Weald Park in Brentwood. The goats flourished, and soon produced kids, from which the Squire was, eventually, able to manufacture a cashmere shawl. George IV was highly impressed by this article, and was happy to accept a pair of the goats presented to him by Squire Tower.
So began the Windsor herd, which increased rapidly, and in the reign of Queen Victoria, cashmere shawls became extremely fashionable. It is often said that Queen Victoria was presented with the goats by the Shah of Persia, and it may be that these were added to the already existing herd.
Later in the Century, Major General Sir Savage Mostyn acquired two of the Windsor goats, and took them to the grounds of Gloddaeth Hall. It is possible, however, that they were unsuitable as park animals. In many parts of the world, goats are considered the deadly enemies of snakes. The Kashmir name for the wild goat is "Markhor", which means "Snake eater".

Reproduced from the booklet
'Aliens on the Great Orme' by Eve Parry

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Species: Capra falconeri

The Markhor (Capra falconeri) is a goat-antelope found in sparse woodland in the Western Himalayas.
Markhor stand 65 to 115 centimetres at the shoulder and weigh from 40 to 110 kilograms. Females are tan in colour with a white underbelly and a pattern of black and white on the legs. Males have a lighter tan colour with the same white underbelly and pattern on the legs, as well as a black face and a large amount of long shaggy white fur on their neck and chest which can grow to knee-length. Both sexes have corkscrew-shaped horns which can grow up to 160 cm / 64 inches long in males, and up to 25 cm / 10 inches in females.
Markhor sound much like the domestic goat.
The Markhor is officially the National animal of Pakistan. The word "Markhor" is Persian for "Snake Eater".
Exactly. The Tourism site on Llandudno says that Royal Welsh Fusiliers use the National Animal of Pakistan. I misread the height in cms., the beast is about 10 ft. tall at the tip of the corkscrew horns. It should look really effective on parade.

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