Welsh Mechanic

A guy is driving down a little country road in Wales, when his car cuts out and he comes to a grinding halt!

He pops the bonnet, gets out the car and takes a look to see what the problem might be. He’s tinkering about, not having much mechanical knowledge, when he hears a voice behind him saying, “Check the carburettor”.

Startled by the voice, he looks round and sees no one there at all. All he sees is a black horse in the field next to the road, with its head over the fence, munching lazily on some grass. He thinks to himself, “Nah, surely the horse didn’t just speak!”

He continues with his engine tinkering, when he hears the voice from behind again, “Trust me mate, check the carburettor!”

Looking round again to see who’s playing the prank, he sees no one. But the black horse is still there, head over the fence, munching on grass, but this time nodding it’s head. Dumbfounded, he pops the carb off, gives it a blow out, refits it and tries the engine. It fires first time, sounding better than it did before. He drops the bonnet, and then drives off down the road, scratching his head at what just happened.

Anyway, a few miles down the road, he enters a small village and sees a pub. He pulls in and goes into the pub.

A bit shaken, “Give me a beer quick and a whiskey chaser,” he orders the barman. He drinks both drinks in one go and orders the same again.

“Are you OK boyo?” the barman ask. “You look a bit flustered, is it!”

“Well,” says the guy, “I just broke down in my car, up the road there and when I was trying to fix the problem, someone spoke to me and told me how to fix it”

“Why has that made you flustered, is it?” asks the barman.

“There was no one there at all. Just a big black horse chewing on some grass!” says the guy.

“Well weren’t you so lucky to break down there,” hails the barman to a confused look in response from the guy. “The white horse in the next field knows fcuk all about cars and engines, it is!”

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