Welsh Holiday

Jim and his wife were on a camping holiday in Anglesey. They liked to go for a drink, but found that whenever they went to the local, the other drinkers all started to speak in welsh.
They mentioned this to the friendly warden on their campsite. He told them not to worry and said that the local wasn't very used to seeing 'outsiders' and the villagers weren't being intentionally rude.
"Tell you what." He said, "next time you go there, or anywhere around here, just say to anyone you see, 'bore da' if it's morning, (good morning) 'prynhawn da' if it's afternoon and 'noswaith dda' should it be the evening.
Jim and his wife tried this and found that the majority of the locals
responded very well and they were soon on first name terms with most other drinkers at the local...especially after buying a few drinks.

One really hot afternoon, they were strolling to the pub, looking forward to a nice cold lager when they came across a trucker, obviously broken down, peering into the bonnet of his cab.

Poor sod, Jim thought and said out loud. "Hi, prynhawn da."
The hot and sweaty, irritable trucker replies.

"Shit in it... fuckin' welsh wanker."
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