Welsh Guardsman Peeping tom

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sphinx, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. the times is running a story today of a guardsman who was caught spying on young girls undressing. all i can say is poor surveillance drills! what are your thoughts on this topic?
  2. depends on how young they were - 16 and above means peeping tom and the block is a nob - under 16 and the bloke needs help before it becomes a problem

    As for mentioning that he is a Taff Guardsman - what relevance is there in that? Do soldiers make the worst kind of predator?
  3. It says he was convicted last year of indecent exposure, and it "still waiting" to attend a sex offenders' treatment programme.

    From the article. it seems that the 'young girls' were over 16, as they lived in a student house- not that that makes it ok though.
  4. Hmmm? A little overboard don't you think?

    What if its his gf/wife/prostitute and she consents/he's paid for the pleasure? :?

    Strip clubs will be mourning the judgement
  5. A guardsman into women? Very strange.
  6. once a guardsman, always a guardsman!
  7. And the lesson is? (question, pause, etc.)
    Why are things seen: shape, size, silhouette... also, because your looking. And nothing wring with that. I would.
  8. Its a step in the right direction. At least it wasn't a sheep being shaven.
  9. if you dont get caught its fine, if you do get caught your f1cked
  10. SgtForce - was it you?
  11. Can't anyone remember the good women of Belfast who lived in line of sangars and put on the most interesting shows to distract the sentries? It's a short hop from military skills to criminal offence!
  12. Bossdog I can honestly say it wasn't me.