Welsh Guards in a spot of bother!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fatsplasher, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. And I quote

    It is not clear what unit they belong to, or what charges they are facing, or why the other three accused soldiers are not due to appear.

    Where does the Welsh Guards bit come from?
  2. was done this morning.
  3. it said it was WG on the beeb news at lunchtime.

  4. Ahhhh, now that makes more sense.
  5. Try this

  6. "They were not happy just to knock people to the ground, they began kicking and stamping on them."

    Now there's nothing wrong with a bit of fistycuffs, but the above is a bit beyond cheeky if you ask me............which you didn't ;)
  7. Maybe they were practising their drill :?
  8. Truth Headlines - "Gobby Chavs get what was coming to them from soldiers in Lanzarote Bar"

    When interviewed by the Daily Star one of the civilians involved in the incident Dwayne Morris from Essex said: " Yeah dees squadees ain't so hard wen me an me mates attacked em but dey is stikin togever like dey do and dey give us a batterin. Anyow me compo claim is orlreddy in viv de Claims Direct."
  9. Someone always has to fecking ruin it for everyone else? No sh1t in the papers for ages, then this. What next, more prisoner abuse?
  10. Fcuk off Chubb.
  11. The beer on Lanz is quite good stuff, either the Tropical or the Dorada, which comes from Tenerife ! Its pretty cheap too, just over £1 a pint. 8)
  12. Read this in the Daily Hate Mail, the comments are beginning to boil my pi55!