Welsh Guards Get Freedom Of Powys & Bridgend


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There's lovely then!

Well done the Boyo's!


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Well done! Cymru Am Byth.

There are no towns north of Brecon to give out 'freedoms'. No towns, just hills, rivers, mountains, sheep, more sheep, red-kites and ten year old virgins who can run faster than their brothers and uncles.

Ask any man living north of Brecon: "Is that the sun or the moon up there?" and he'll answer:

"Don't know, I'm from Ynys-Mon*, Aberystwyth*, Harlech*." * delete as applicable.
A Welshman from Brecon who appeared in the TV programme "Embarrassing Bodies" was delighteed to find out that the red rash around his penis was in fact only his sister's lipstick!

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