Welsh Guards dismissed over drugs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Sep 25, 2005.

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  1. Eleven soldiers in the Welsh Guards have tested positive for taking drugs, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.
    Seven of the servicemen have already been dismissed from the regiment. The case against four more is under review.

    A spot check by the army's drug testing unit found five soldiers in the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards had taken Class A drugs.

    The infantry regiment is based at RAF St Athan in south Wales. This year it completed a tour in southern Iraq.

    BBC Wales understands that seven of the soldiers admitted taking drugs when challenged last Monday with the results of tests.

    They were dismissed from the base on Friday.

    A spokesman for the army in Wales said: "It is totally incompatible with life in the armed forces.

    "These guys train together. We don't want drug users.

    There is no suggestion that this behaviour is reflected across the Welsh Guards

    MoD statement

    "These drug teams just turn up, you don't know when they are coming.

    "They will do any ranks. It's as simple as that. There's no hiding place."

    He said further investigation was taking place on the remaining four cases.

    He added: "It will be a matter for the commanding officer to decide what action is appropriate, if any.

    "It likely that anyone caught on drugs issues is discharged, in line with army policy."

    'Operational effectiveness'

    The Welsh Guards was founded 90 years ago. Prince Charles is its colonel.

    The 550-strong regiment has been based in Wales since 2003, when it moved to the RAF base near Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan. Recent tours also include Bosnia and Northern Ireland.

    An MoD spokesman said the whole unit had been checked as part of the army's drug testing programme.

    He said: "There is no suggestion that this behaviour is reflected across the Welsh Guards which recently completed a successful operational tour of duty in Iraq in which they demonstrated their operational effectiveness."

  2. See ya! No sympathy.
  3. Good riddance!
  4. I didn't think that St Athan was that bad.............
  5. Unless you're an a/c techie or engineer (in which case you'll be essentially doing factory work) it isn't. I grew up about a mile and a half away from West Gate and can't think if of another part of the UK I'd rather settle in. You're in the countryside, but have a major city about 20mins away. Plenty of opportunity for outdoorsy stuff, there's even a pretty good surf beach at Llantwit Major, nice scenery etc. and Cardiff is a bloody good place for a night on the lash (And with rugby season starting and Wales defendind their titles etc. :D ). You're just off the M4 corridor, with a train station ten mins from the camp and if you're in the Welsh Guards, there's a pretty good chance that your friends and family from home aren't too far away. Hell, even the Pads are getting new MQs built for them in Rhoose (about a 5min drive from camp)

    Come to think of it, this might be the problem. After some of the toilets the Welsh Guards have been sent to of late, maybe some of them think they're on holiday. :roll: Tough sh1t lads, I don't think many people will miss you since you turned into a liability.
  6. What I cannot fathom is ....why do these fcukwits take drugs and think they'll get away with it?
  7. They don't. They just don't give a sh*t mate. They lose their job.....big deal. That's the attitude taken by these clowns.
  8. Of course I've never met anyone in the forces who was incapable of doing their job or I wouldn't trust due to their dependence on that lovely tax spinning legal drug alcohol. Honest.

    And I've definitely never seen lads on who having spent the night before drinking until the early hours jump into their 30ton articulated fuel vehicle then drive off down the motorway on an exercise.

    Oh, and there wasn't an infantry lad out in Basrah who got so pissed up in the EFI (how I'll never know, what with a 'strict' two can rule) that he passed out in the middle of the main drag and was taken to the med centre.

    Its ok to be complete fecked on nice taxable alcohol but God help you if at the weekend you dabble in something the government doesn't make money on.

    And please gentlemen, I understand this isn't going to be the most popular point of view with most of you 'birch the lot of them' types but don't come back with bollocks about lads tripping out next to you in a trench somewhere or having flashbacks from acid. I've worked with plenty of people in the past who I know did drugs occasionally of a weekend and I never witnessed any of them freaking out. In fact I've had more problems with lads coming into work pissed up.
  9. TheHelpfulStacker,

    Are you trying to imply that the HM Forces are incapable of fighting on a Friday Morning before they go weekenders??????????
  10. Matelot - Let's face it, if anyone invaded at about 2330hrs on a Sat night, they'd have a 12 hour headstart before any of us responded to our missed calls, never mind made it back to camp and grabbed our gats & chest rigs!
  11. 12 Hour start? Bollox to that! Rule No.1 of the weekend. Never, I repeat, Never answer your phone if it's the duty bitch's mobile/area code of your workplace/unknown number. And only reply to your voice messages at 10pm on the Sunday night.
  12. Indeed, its the hypocrisy that gets me.

    People will sit here with their holier than thou attitude over some Welsh Guards who have been caught out yet will most probably be the same people who've turned up to work pissed up occasionally or just not bothered turning up.

    I remember a junior officer out in Bosnia who got so hammered on 'Slip in a Ditch' that he had to be medi vac'd up to Sipavo due to heart problems he was having, but I suppose thats fine because alcohol is legal eh?
  13. :D Personally I feel that the forces have gotten rid of a bunch of wasters. I for one would not want to be involved in a tight situation and having to rely on a 'buddy' coked out of his head being too accurate with his gat.

    Let's put the PC attitude to one side for the moment. Look deep down and work out the last time that you would put your life and the lives of your mates in the hands of a drug addict?

    On the other hand why not recruit as a direct entry to the SF registered drug users, it might get the PC crew off to a head start!

    Never taken drugs.......and proud of it!
  14. Well I have heard rumours of a certain young fella who's in the Royal Marines that is taking cocaine and that something about it doesn't stay in the system as long as weed.
    I was quite shocked when I found out but it's not just him..CTD the Marines :wink:
  15. Frankly, it's a valid point. In terms of effect on concentration, alertness, judgement, reactions, etc., alcohol is probably a bit worse than some illegal drugs.

    If we have CDT, should we have CAT?