Welsh Guards at Trooping the Colour - Attire

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pond boy, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. I've been yelled at on here before so I'm ready for another bout if that's what's heading my way, but anyway...

    A serious if unimportant question here. I've been watching the TV highlights of the Trooping of the Colour from a couple of weeks back, it was, as expected, a fantastic event that did everyone involved very proud. I know that the Welsh Guards were this year's troop and they'll be delighted with the outcome, I'm sure.

    However, although their appearance was immaculate, I was surprised that when the TV cameras panned along the ground when they were marching on the spot, you could see glimpses of what appeared to be white socks on one of the guys.

    Does the uniform protocol not require dark-coloured socks? Or is that left up to individuals?

    Just a interested enquiry, that's all - as it seems odd that they would go to such lengths to look so immaculate and then be permitted to allow that?
  2. They make better **** socks.
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  3. Did he have ammo boots or triple-soled loafers?
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  4. "I've been yelled at on here before so I'm ready for another bout if that's what's heading my way, but anyway..."

    It's probably because you are posting all of the time..............
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  5. At the risk of being pedantic, there's no "of" in Trooping the Colour.
  6. I salute your pedantry.
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  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    It wasn't a sock you seen, it was the white part of these because by tradition they wear one in their boots to ward off Max Boyce!

  8. you're quite right ,and well spotted. Take no notice of the uncouth louts on here.
    If they started wearing their trousers at the correct length ie resting on the second lace with crease broken you wouldn't have seen their socks.
  9. I wanted to see glimpses of his manhood in full throb.
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  10. Take much more than that to ward off the great saveloy muncher
  11. What Max Boyces? I'm sure it could be arranged..
  12. How many Max Boyces are there?
  13. Thanks for the response and explanation. I was just a bit surprised when I saw it.
  14. Have you ever thought of voluntary work with say a charity shop to help fill your days more?
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