Welsh bint fakes death and gets away with it... almost

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pomps, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. On the beeb web thing...


    Seems like she tried to blag a speeding fine by faking her own demise!
    What idiot (oh look... this type of idiot) would claim a falce road death to the police, surely they would have a cross reference.... oh yes so they do!!!

    Practivaly got away with it too... hurrar for prison over crowding and labour home office directives!!!!

  2. Well, that's the Welsh for you. Cunning....but stupid with it.
  3. Having seen the picture it didn't take much pretending.

    And death would be a vast improvement.
  4. So she is of previous good character but admits to driving on and off for many years without a full driving licence.. yeah right. Not that good a character then. Oh so she didn't have any accidents in all that time? Well let us do away with driving tests then and base it on time served behind the wheel??? This is a minor motoring offence until she kills someone whilst having one of her rare jaunts out in a car. She then tries to get out of it by perverting the course of justice. I have no sympathy for her. She is extremely lucky, I would have jailed her.
  5. "...she didn't have any accidents" but saw many accidents in her rear view mirror.
  6. Let's get this straight.

    Speeding + driving without valid full licence + driving with no insurance + habitual disregard for the law + attempting to pervert the course of justice + wasting police time = suspended sentence.

    Deserves a fine at least equal to the amount of insurance she hasn't paid.

    If she has been such a good driver over the years, why didn't she take her test?

    AND just who let her drive their car, knowing that she didn't have a licence and that, therefore, she wouldn't be insured etc.?

    Should have been more than one person in the dock, methinks. (Unless this person of good character is also a car thief).
  7. Just as an aside, a case involving the same judge:
  8. Damn I knew I should have tried that