Welsh assembly member found dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Old Stab, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. That is shocking behaviour. I am hoping she is going to end up in court over that. After all, secret negotiations with China over trade deals in direct contradiction to several trade agreements....Sturgeon should have gone.


    And in other news..I fully expect a certain Tory to also be hauled over the coals, and rightly so!

    Oh..hang on a second...Sturgeon did not resign, face any proceedings or indeed, even get a slapped wrist.
  2. If I recall correctly, the agreements Sturgeon was alleged to have made were with a consortium of Chinese companies, not the Government. If she had broken the law, I'm fairly sure that Westminster would have been on it like a tonne of bricks, or are you saying they are THAT incompetent.
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  3. Have you read the agreement that they came up with? You are probably right they are that incompetent.

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  4. Titter! ;)
  5. Sorry, just picked up on the alleged! Is that an alleged hand shake? Or perhaps she is just thanking the restaurant owner for a lovely Egg Foo Yung?

    I think not! There is no "alleged" about it.

    Details of £10bn Chinese deal published
  6. Hmm something smells fishy there
  7. So, you accept that this was a deal with consortium of companies rather than with a foreign power? So, not at all what the discussion was about?

    Poor attempt at mud flinging on old news, just because your previous attempt failed on inaccurate facts.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
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  8. No wah. What misfortune brings you to the debate? PM if sensitive I'm genuinely curious.
  9. Literally nothing more exciting than it being on BBC Wales and me tuning in while bored.
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  10. lol...I was actually being light hearted...but if you want someone trying to big up her status and talk direct with government representatives without the permission of Westminster or even the mandate to do it, I give you....Nicola Sturgeon....Yep, the same woman!

    Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain, and even Brussels, all said feck off!

    She even released photos outside "official" building when in fact she was never in them! "The meeting was not publicised to the Scottish press before the trip and a photograph was issued of the pair in the German foreign office. But it later emerged in a Freedom of Information request that the meeting was actually held in a nearby restaurant called Vau."

    Nicola Sturgeon 'will not get much help from Europe' despite charm offensive

  11. Seek help! ;) I have transcripts of a committee meeting, paint and dry come to mind.
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  12. They were discussing bringing broadband to rural areas for literally years, it was like Groundhog Day. Didn't matter when you heard a meeting, be it 2012 or 2016 they were discussing it!
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  14. So she was able to do a "show and tell" with her mates about the message but it upset her so much she had to wait for a convenient witch hunt to start before going further?

    It's what your link says, she happily showed others but she wasn't "offended enough" until the Weinstein story sparked off a witch hunt.

    When she can explain that, then I'll possibly agree that he should stand down as an MSP depending on circumstances, but I get the feeling her nose ain't the cleanest either.

    Oh, and of course no details are being released, doing so might identify the poor victim who wasn't offended for several months and would have stayed at that stage had there not been a bandwagon to jump on.

    BTW. McDonald was said minister since May 2016. The messages were sent a matter of months ago, meaning that his "role" had not changed. Would have taken you a minute to clear that one up.