Welsh assembly member found dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Old Stab, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. So he bought you a pint then claimed it on expenses, while wearing lingerie, and sucking cocaine out of an orange..
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  2. No.
    He's just an ignorant Cnut.
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  3. Of note is that the messages were so "offensive" she waited several months, until the current witch hunt started, before making an official complaint....

    He may be a knob but it sounds awfully like it didn't bother her that much at the time...
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  4. Yep, working now, didn't the two times I tried it.
  5. Meanwhile, over on Guido this morning is the perfect illustration, children, of why twattishly posting on social media pics of yourself and your mates out on the piss is a very bad idea. Welsh Assembly Labour Party SpAds - including Carwyn Jones' SpAd - laughing and grinning inanely on the night that Carl Sargeant was suspended. Really does not look good now...

    How did my generation ever enjoy ourselves on a Friday night without camera-phones or social media?
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  6. Trebles all round by the looks....
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  7. Even worse than the accusations being flung around like bombs from a belt fed mortar, the photograph shows that a criminal offence is being blatantly committed - to wit smoking in an enclosed area.

    Utterly appalling and a blatant disregard of the law, on both of the table tops that can be seen ashtrays are visible and perched upon the lip of the nearest one a partly smoked cigarette can be seen. The rearmost table shows both an ashtray and an opened packet of cigarettes beside it.

    As ever, one rule for us, another better, rule for them.

    Quite frankly this simply eclipses any of the current shenanigans.
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  8. You may be correct..it may have been "on 7 occasions"...and I cannot find a written reference, so will retract the "7" part.

    However, a Minister in charge of Child Welfare sending suggestive texts but being told by "the Boss" that he should not resign as an MSP...that's a little worrying, is it not?
  9. I do agree with what you are saying...sort of.

    Sometimes a person is worried that if they say something, it will ruin their career (as has been the reason given for a few of the women coming forward)

    Sometimes a person just accepts the comment, but later on realises that actually, it was not acceptable.

    Others don't say anything at the time, but a change in the other persons role, such as becoming Minister for Child Welfare, perhaps triggers something in them that says" Hang on a second..."

    I have no idea if any of the above apply, but there are often reasons someone does not immediately come forward. The fact that the SNP are not releasing details, and he feels strong enough that he has to resign, suggests that it was not an off the cuff incident.
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  10. It's hard to say. I don't know whether or not he was a Minister when he sent the messages, and I don't know the content of them. It was poor judgement, and he was right to stand down as Minister, but I'm not convinced it was serious enough to merit resigning as an MSP,
    It's not as if he was conducting secret negotiations with a foreign power without informing "the Boss".
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  11. If she wanted to, the woman who made the accusation could very easily make public the details.
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  12. That is the problem, with the guy that killed himself those accusations will never come to light, the fact that a woman can make any claim and it is believed by all and sundry while the bloke is pilloried..look at the amount of false rape claims where women have tried to get a bloke locked up through malice.

    This not only harms the relationships between men and women, it also harms those cases where women have genuinely been raped or abused..
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  13. Although I feel that all smokers should be put into small boxes and the smoke they produced recycles continually though the box. I do feel you should be more observant. The banning of smoking in pubs has been an excellent idea unfortunately they have taken over the outside tables so that in the better weather you are unable to eat outside without consuming peoples smoke.

    Above the guy in green is a partially open canopy. Beyond him is a fence and a gate with an arch and beyond that you can clearly see houses across the road. The overhanging lights give the impression that it is covered but it is clearly in the open.
  14. Peelers always like that, I went to a boozer in Dewsbury as a yoof (The JFK for the cognescenti) well under age which never got raided as the landlord kept order and the drunk children were all in one place. Happy days.
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  15. Segregation. Categorise everyone into convenient types then only allow people of the same type to work, travel etc together.
    I think providing separate toilet, canteen even parking facilities should work well. If money must be saved and transport is shared, one category could travel in the front of the vehicle, the other type in the rear.
    Those fearing their appearance could cause one of the other categories to assault them could wear appropriate clothing to prevent anyone seeing too much and of course a complicated clothing system would prevent accidental touching

    I can't see why it hasnt been tried before
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