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Welsh assembly member found dead

Welsh you say? NHI
Could be some rather red faces...

"I'm deeply shocked to hear of the terrible news about Carl Sargeant. My thoughts and profound sympathy are with his family and friends"

I thought Corbyn was shocked at Labour members being accused of sexual harassment and was going to do everything in his powers to bring them to justice. looks like he wont have to now...
I’m loving this approach of alleging sexual harassment to kill off politicos but it’s only going to claim males. What’s the plan for offing the females?
Comrade Commissar, escort this capitalist running dog ‘Victorian Major’ to a re-education facility. His thoughts are erroneous and dangerous to the proletariat.
If it is suicide, this is yet another argument for anonymity being granted to the accused in sex trials/investigations.

This would avoid the trial by media that finds many (predominantly) males guilty before they have even been inside a police interview suite or court room. It would avoid ruined lives based on spurious allegations.

If someone wishes to make an allegation, they can do so to the police and remain anonymous. If the accusation is proven, then the newspapers can have a field day with the condemned.

If someone wishes to get their five minutes of fame by selling a splash about misbehaviour to the tabloids then they should face defamation charges.The justice system offers a means for the reporting of crimes, not the media.
Have you read the 'politicians you would' thread lately?
D'you mind? I'm having my lunch...

Back to the point - If it transpires that the allegations are untrue, then this could end up changing the dynamics rather quickly, and as suggested, may bring about anonymity for those accused of such actions (which may not turn out to be offences at all)

The problem will be that in cases where there is no legal bar - an allegation that an MP said rude things to a female researcher, for instance, or complemented another on the size of her breasts does not come under criminal law and it may be that this involves harassment allegations which fall short of being a criminal offence; in such cases, the usual anonymity for the accuser but not the accused would seem to be almost impossible to overturn since there'd be no legal sanction on a story which would doubtless be presented as 'in the public interest' by the media.
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I hope this is not a case of Ilech sobering up and realising that he is now the Arrse all-time SABC champion and how completely his Lord Ashcroft thread has misfired and condemned him, in perpetuity, to an Arrse future of ridicule and mockery.

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