Welsh Angels of the North

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by StumpyHussar, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. We are currently being asked about three pieces of 'art' we want for north, south and central Wales on the same lines as the Angel of the North. They all seem rediculous to me and it seems that theres money from the Lottery available to build them and of course someone has chosen to say we want them.


    Now I've nothing against the Angel of the North but I don't want the rubbish they're proposing here. This smacks of the Lottery millions that was available for millennium projects and everyone thought it was a done deal that we'd get a new rugby stadium. All of a sudden the preferred choice was a bloody oprea house. Very close to the Welsh heart is opera :roll: We all seemed to watch in horror while the winning design was chosen but someone seems to have realised that we didn't want it and in the end we got the stadium (which is cracking Grommet).

    Who are these people who direct this? If you look at the Welsh horrid Assys website there's nothing about it at all. Does anyone know how someone can protest this?

    Confused of S.Wales
  2. Personally I think the money would be better spent putting up an inner british border to stop the mass migration of scousers into North Wales every year

    :D :D
  3. I'd agree with Ali... Do a small tunnel that the caravans can't get into :)
  4. It matters not a jot what people think or want, rest assured you're going to have the biggest, most expensive folly that money can buy - the more pretentious the better: a giant bronze quiche surmounted by a gay ethnic flid breast-feeding a Welsh dragon (though I think this particular work has been earmarked for the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Sq.). Who dreams this up? What's Guardian-reading Quango in Welsh?
  5. I didn't look at the link but think that South Wales in particular (as I know it well) already has enough man-made features that make it distinctive. As you drive over the Severn the bridges do have a certain style and grace. The Celtic Manor hotel at Newport is also visually striking in a very similar way to the Gateshead Angel of the North. Lastly, within Cardiff the Millenium Stadium, the Opera House and the Assembly Building are all effective in their own way.

    In addition to the man-made stuff Wales has so much natural beauty along its coast line and in its National Parks that maybe we should just value and appreciate that before we stick something else onto theside of a hill.

    I am sure that this money may be better spent by building a decent grammar school or by setting up some scholarships to benefit Welsh people.
  6. we've already got two symbols into S Wales , theyre called the Severn Bridge tolls 1 & 2 .Oldest bridge is now 41 years old and must have collected more money than any lottery grant could provide Funny its free to enter England from Wales on both Tolls . Got help local businesses it must cripple them to trade between the two countries.
  7. Already got one in the south, its called the DARA superhanger :(
  8. Does anyone remember when they bought that scrap of metal in Newport city center? The "wave" or something or other.
    Bought off the Ze germans for millions when it cost them under 10 grand to make. It's the most ugliest thing I have seen in Newport, and if anyone who has gone out in Newport on a night out will know thats a tough competition.
  9. Symbols in North Wales, perchance nobody's noticed Eryri, Cader (Cadair) Idris, the Berwyns et al :?

    We don't need this crap so called art.

    The money could be spent on more useful things - (how about constructing an Eastern Coast Ali? ;-) apologies to Harri Webb)
  10. Couldn't agree more, who'd want the neighbours we've got :wink:
  11. THAT was funny :D But in a way it's what we've got. We've been asked our opinions on some utter tripe it's like someone saying "Do you prefer to killed by the electric chair or hanging?" Umm, no I really don't want to be killed in fact.

    Thanks for your replies guys (Newport IS a bit like Colburn in Catterick, full of Chavs and unmarried mothers) but does anyone know how to fight this? There seems to be no way to say it's all bowlarks.
  12. As Wales is only a county.... Can North and South Bucks have some funding for a similar project????
  13. Fuel air bomb?
  14. Given the size of the country (in area) it's huge compared to most English counties yet our news has to cover all of it equally. The majority of the population live in the SE but we have to put up on the news with the skate-boarding duck in the north even if you have a serial sheep killer down here!

    Shocking state of affairs :D
  15. Funny you should mention about South Wales - Seems like the assembly has forgotten that they're responsible for the North also.