Welsh and Scots Guards- Battle of Buckingham

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lady_H, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Ah - the dear old Litter Tray in Artillery Row, yards from Buckingham Palce indeed, approximately 1100 of them!! It isn't as if the pub was a nice little Westminster snookery...it is as rough as a badger's ringpiece in there.
  2. Drunk soldiers? From different regiments? Fighting? In a pub?

    I'm disgusted. A letter is on route to my MP as we speak to have both Battalions lined up and shot.
  3. Ahhh, but did they do it all with a regulation pause of TWO THREE.

    Rumour has it they formed on the march to draw up the battle lines and the unofficial colours of twenty five gaffa taped wet beer mats were trooped prior to combat.

    Could someone just pass me my coat........no the other one.....ta. :cyclopsani:
  4. Shock! Horror! OMG!
  5. But who won?!
  6. My money's on the Jocks...
  7. Bloody cutbacks.
  8. So it's not just Monkeys who stand outside and wait to catch the stragglers!
  9. Bet it wasn't as good as the Battle of Tidworth.
  10. My only comment about this is that it is an utterly disgraceful show....... where were the Micks?
  11. Ah, you are showing your age now! That was the three quarter lancers and the "Rarely Irish" Rangers as I recall...over who had the "walking out" rights at the time. Strangely I can find no reference to this major running battle on t'interweb but I recall the local television going on about it for weeks.

    They play the winners in the semi-finals I believe, at the Strutton Arms!
  12. I seem to remember the Paras were involved as well.

    Now that's unusual.
  13. Was that the one on Station Road kicked off by an over zealous RMP LCpl?
  14. Not sure, I watched it on New At Ten at home, a Friday night I think.

    Must have been 1980-ish at a rough guess.