Welsh 3000

Right, I did a quick search and found a couple of old threads, but thought I'd start a new one.

On a whim thought I might do this in a few weeks (end of August in fact).
I've read varying accounts of how hard it is.

I was looking at doing it with a mate. I've done a few odds and sods on random hill areas, nav is not too bad (but intend on taking a GPS incase).
He's done the Munros a few weeks ago and is fitter then me, which was proved at nettle warrior on Sunday (running anway, not sure about under weight and I'm ill presently with man flu).

If anyone has done it, any input would be appreciated. Some research into water points might be an idea, as food for 30 odd miles shouldn't be a problem. I was thinking my 44 litre highlander with 3-5 litres of water capacity.
I was considering issues boots. Has anyone done it in plain old trainers.

Support crew would be nil most likely (me driving there, dumping car by snowdon and setting off from the peak the following morning).

I was considering South to North, although that would leave the fun of Snowdon behind us from day one so nothing to look forward to.

The OP's thread on this didn't go particularly well back in in 2010, did it! And the poster was last seen on Arrse in July 2013. Obviously got fed up waiting for someone to answer the question. Am I to take it that there are not many fans of the Welsh 3000s on Arrse?

Having a mortal fear of the wrath of @jarrod248 , I thought I'd better resurrect this thread rather than start a new one anyway!

But just on the off chance, I am planning to do it this summer. Has anyone else done it? If so any stories to tell? Any hints and tips?
Did it several years ago, North to South as part of organised event. Fell runners needed minimal kit, those tabbing needed certain kit between them. Did it with a mate, boots, daysac with food, water, and wet weather kit. Good fun, some steep scree slopes at beginning but once on the ridges / high ground it is grand. Traverse around Tryfan to Pen-y-Pass can be boggy. All in all a long but good day.
Did the military race 20 years ago in boots and denims with a day sac, safety gear, food and water.. Good fell race in fine weather. I've got it as 22 miles starting at the coast and finishing at the top of Snowdon.
Look on runners world forum. A few pointers there or man up and fell run it.

Ive bagged them individually whilst strolling so I might try the fell run. Good practice for the Becons ultra.
Longest fell race I've ever done was about 5 and a half miles. I did a half marathon last Sunday and it almost wrecked me. It was a bit of a hilly one.

However, I'm not running the 3000s. End of.
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