Welsh 3000


War Hero

I did it about 3 or 4 years ago, and it is a severely unpleasant. You would have more fun setting fire to your feet. The event finishes on top of Snowdon! How tight is that! After spending the whole day slogging up and down the ba s t a r d hills you have to walk back down or pay £15 for the train. Don't do it.
Will bear that in mind!

Is there an Army organised competition, or is it civvy? Vaguely remember hearing about a Gunner team doing it, but maybe that was a one off.
Its hosted by 5 Div more int from there G3 PAT or try Capel Camp they sponsor it or did do, a bit like the Cambrian without cam cream!!!

There are various civvy versions that you mainly do under your own steam try search engine? and there is a book with the various routes in and the history, will try and dig out...

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