Wellington Statue, Aldershot

Does anyone know where I can get a colour print or a statuette of the above for a leaving gift. I have tried various messes in Aldershot, the Aldershot Military Museum and the Friends of the Wellington Statue but have drawn a blank. The Interweb wasn't much help either. However, I did find out that when J** F*******n was the GSM he used to get them as leaving gifts for members of the Aldershot Garrison WO's and Sgt's Mess but he didn't hand over any details to the present GSM or Mess staff. Can any ARRSEr help with this? Many thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

Im sure Rusmoor Council/MOD would be more than happy to flog you the original, like they are flogging the rest of the Shot off....

This would look nice in a frame , Remind of days in the Shot and would take pride of place in any pool room..

Hope this helps

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