Well up for joinin da army mate

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wiggan_Assult_High, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. i was talkin to dis guy in the pub the uvver day an he sed he was wiv sas like in cod. i was askin him about life in da army cuz ive got fuk all money an he sed to cum onto dis place and get sum mor info. he seds life in da army is well easy money and my girlfrends just got pregz so i need more money cuz the daft cow wont get rid of it. what do i do to get in. but i dont want to go off to afgannistan or nowt unles i can get to shoot sumfin. i hav got only a cauton now cuz the police sed my record gets deleted after a year so the guy in da pub sed i can get in and stealin a car isnt qa proper crime anyway. not like i killed anyone. can i fly a helicpter, dey look well cool. am 19 in april too so will i get promoted fast too?

    why is it so hard to rwgister wi this site anyway.

    fanks to big fill for dis site mate. :judge::excited:
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Crap windup. It's been done much better in the past.
  3. Sorry mate, we don't need any stupid illiterate cunts
  4. fuk off. dont be a dick i was askin a qestion. im not iliterate. u can reed wat i typed CUNT
  5. Gremlin is right, this has to be a wind-up... don't feed the troll
  6. Well kiddi. let us take a little look at your prospects, eh? I'm only thinking out loud here, but personally i think your a "fucking retard". You want to join up. Be my guest although can i kindly poind out that basic spelling, grammer; generally education that people spend a vast amount of their early life in can grasp the language of English. Not that i'm trying to sound toffish but being a sweaty sock i have somewhat of a disability in this. Have a go at your local recruiting office and tell them about you chat with this SAS guy. They'll be able to point you in the right direction, trades, promotion, wages etc. Any other questions pop into the naffi bar again and i'm sure we can help you out.
  7. wats a good on to join infanrty sounds gud but dey are supposed to be fick. i got a gcse d in mafs and sciense and a e in english so can i get anyfing to do dat pays betr
  8. Definately has to be a windup, suggest this gets holed asap before the troll realises people are paying attention
  9. Whatta gwan blud? You will luv sa armee blud truss me. Ya get to wear camo shit all de time and dey give you a propa gat dat you can yuz on any afgrannystani dat dint show u no respect.

    And get on this blud. Them man's over dere grow skag out da back of them man's yards!! You can go and POP a cap in some clarts batty den go get wrecked!!

    Just shout out to dem geezers in the army place in town and tell den man's u want to clear IED's. It's like a code to tell them you toke da herb ya get me?

    Laters blud.........safe yeah?
  10. y u actin lik a hard man king wlt. fuck u. if we meet face 2 face id propper do u in. im goin to go da careres office on tusday wen im in town. fill said nafi was a plase to get in wiv and dey was sound. u lot r bein a load of diks. me n my m8ts wud fuk u rite up mate
  11. i dont fukin spek like dat dik. i cant spell. all i want is sum advise lik.
  12. Does your sister still do that thing with her mum? You know, ping pong balls out of the council?
  13. wat u on bout m8.

    all i want to no is wat stuff can i do in da army. i cant spell but u dont need to to shoot a gun. lik i sed, i need to get in for money and i want to get gud at uvver fings. dont fink am stupid cuz i cant spell
  14. Na big yin, more like just bends over like a 10 quid dohbbie slut with no washing to do.
  15. fuk u u dont no anyfin bout me dik hed. ur mums a fat fuk. dont say nuffin. y no 1 tellin dis dik to spell