Well - Todays The Day.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Paoli, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. The formation of The Rifles. The newest and biggest infantry Regiment in the British Army, and no reason why it shouldn’t be the best. Sedgemoor’s rhynes to Brandywine Creek, setbacks at Corunna and Calais, victory at Salamanca, Waterloo and the Rhine, sandy boots in Egypt, Alamein, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pigs in Belfast and p'ss wet through in Bosnia and South Armagh; we share a common history.

    The new Regiment will be the first in and the last out; the rearguard. Swift and bold, armoured, commando and light infantry, it will be the outpost at Snipe, the right about turn, the serjeants at Inkerman, the stormers at Badajoz, the Bloody Eleventh, the Glorious Glosters, Howard at Pegasus Bridge, Clive at Plassey, Grey at Paoli, the Territorials at Arnhem. The Green Jackets. One and All, Faithful, Semper Fidelis, Primus in Indis, Celer et Audax, Treu und Fest, Cede Nullis. Aucto splendore resurgo.

    Do everything that is necessary, and nothing that is not.

    Forward The Rifles!
  2. Amen to that.

    I'll be raising a glass or two tonight....
  3. Best wishes and good luck to The Rifles today and in the future.

    "Forward together"
  4. ON-Wards and upwards.
    Light drill here i come.


  5. Well put! All Chosen Men now!
  6. I keep hearing that this is supposed to be the biggest infantry regiment in the Army....erm...7 battalions? Much like the Royal Regiment of Scotland then? So they're the same size?
  7. not quite - we have bigger balls! :threaten:
  8. The end of the Light Infantry,

    Its about time you lads worked in the dark as well.

    Good luck as the Rifles.
  9. All Riflemen are Light Infanteers
  10. Will the RGJs' renowned prowess with the GS shovel be a tradition and skill passed onto the new Regt?
  11. Only if you ever have the balls to suggest to any of us face to face that the disgusting, shameful behaviour of three individuals who were immediately shunned at both the official and personal level, is somehow typical or that the Regiment was at fault. Is that good enough for you?

    I don't know why you have a downer on us, I can only assume you tried and failed or one of us shagged your wife.
  12. Superb post Paoli. Welcome The Rifles, all we old Devons salute you!
  13. Deja Vu?

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  14. Nice bit on the BBC, upbeat and positive, and rightly so.

    BBC Link

    Unfortunately 3 RIFLES already seem to have been taken prisoner by the Scottish!

    The Scottish Sun Link
  15. Was watching 1LI's preparations this afternoon for their parade. Sad to see the individual regiments going, but happy to see that their collective histories will go on. As someone who went through a corps amalgamation back in '93 I understand something of the feelings of loss, but perhaps not as heartfelt as those in a family regiment...

    Now, if someone could explain why they march so darn fast....