Well, the new 'compassionate Tories' lasted all of an hour

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. I'm presuming, given the apparent demographic at the conference, he has some other way of bribing his party's core vote up his sleeve?
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  2. Look up 'Dilnot Commission on funding of care and support ' lazy bollocks.
    Here's a hint BTW, it was not set up by Labour.

    "The Dilnot Commission was set up in July 2010 by the coalition Government, tasked with making recommendations for changes to the funding of care and support in England. It published its recommendations on 4 July 2011. The independent Commission is chaired by the economist Andrew Dilnot."
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  3. Dont you just love the cut and thrust of political debate!
  4. Yes, but that is not what you get with sunofuckwiterus, just the same old same old party line.
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  5. Well, as you persistently can't play nice, you can go sit on your own in my ignore list.;P

  6. Hey, guess what? I don't give a rats arse.

    I believe that we should, as far as possible, do everything we can to support ourselves and not suck on the teat of the state.

    Do you not agree that 13 years of Labour have created an unequal society? One where decent hardworking people live to support the feckless, the "entitlement driven" and those that choose to view society as something that they take from and not give back to?

    The Labour Party. Hypocracy, envy, cringing political correctness and the economics of the lower 6th form debating society.
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  7. Which party is that?
    The Slightly Miffed At The Tory Party Party?
  8. Interesting idea - is this actually true??

    Seems unlikely that cutting something worth, I dunno, a few hundred quid from a wealthy few could fund care costing tens of thousands?

    If so would probably be worth doing but how do you taper it to avoid penalising people who have saved for their retirement? That's the "beauty" of universal benefits...
  9. Good.

    I shall enlighten those who might care if not please ignore.

    On on another thread he has made various statements with a political bias as is his want, I have made comments also of a differing perspective and have used the name sunofuckwiterus or some other similar name on a couple of occasions.

    I have used this admittedly childish name for him in as a response to his equally childish references to the chancellor as Gidiot and other variations thereof. Sunofuckwiterus I conclude feels that it is entirely fair of him to be rude towards people on an internet forum, whilst he take exception to my doing so.

    By the way I have received no response before this.

    If I have got this wrong, no problems I will stop using my childish name (though mildly amusing on first writing, though less so on subsequent occasions) for him and consign it to the dustbin along with names such as Liabour Bliar etc.

  10. Nobody of pensionable age,expects anything less,from either party.

    Pensioners have been treated with equal distain,by both,The Tories,and The Labour Party.

    Bus Passes are a lifeline to many pensioners,and making it means tested,is devisive,however,I do think that the State Pittance should be paid to all those entitled to it,regardless,yes even millionaires,they paid for it,so they're entitled.

    There should be an opt-out for those with a conscience,as for the Winter Fuel Payments,my personal opinion,if you choose to leave these balmy shores,for life abroad,then all you should get is your pension,you chose your destination,if you were stupid enough to choose somewhere that gets cold in the Winter,then you're really stupid,the majority of pensioners in this country,don't have the wherewithall to move to 'exotic' places,and are left with no choice but to stay in the UK,so piss off,and top-up your tan!
  11. My grandmother, never claimed her pension, as she didn't need it. I wonder if Cliff, Mick or Elton John will be queuing up at the post office to get theirs each week?
  12. It's all gone techno now Chef. They stick it straight into your bank account. It's an evil government plot to deny those of us with chronic DTs access to our pensions. You try typing in your PIN number after a 3 day bender when you're shaking like a paedophile in a playground.

    RoofRat is right. Means testing currently universal benefits would be divisive. But that's the whole point of welfare. It should only be for people who need it. It shouldn't be some sort of bread-and-circuses demonstration of the government's largess.

    We compete with countries like India and China where the state happily leaves its citizens to starve to death when crops fail and famine strikes. Faced with competition like that, we cannot afford to be giving away first prize in the lottery to everybody who might vote Labour.
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  13. No, but I suspect the class warriors like Benn, Scargill, Livingstone and their ilk will find a way to pick up their entitlement. In their little world they will see it as a final gesture to take money of some evil rich person. I suspect Cherie Blair will send one of her people down the post office to pick up her entitlement.