Well thats my Winchester date gone...

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by crescent, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Well...that's me now not going to Winchester for a long while.

    Ambulance job on Friday night, emergency apendesectomy...great.

    So been onto the ACIO this morning and it might now need to be Sep 08 before I go...

    F'king ANNOYED
  2. Rather now than day two week one?
  3. Sorry to hear that mate.

    Hope you get better
  4. Oh no, sorry to hear that!

    Get well soon though!
  5. Plenty of time to prepare and get really fit - you never know, Brown might have started a whole new war in the middleeast for you to deploy to by then!
  6. Oh jezz,

    Sorry to hear that cresent. Cant think how gutted you must feel.
    Heal up and get yourself better. Least you have more time to prepare.
  7. Cheers guys.

    And yeah I suppose better now than in training, my biggest nark is I've already been waiting since passing selection May 8th.

    Pffft, can't even attempt a sit up for 3 months, light cardio after 2 months.

    One pissed off crescent...
  8. Sorry to hear about that, like its being siad, more time to become a exercise fanatic.

    But you should make the most of it if you can, might be the longest time off work you'll get till your collecting your pension.
  9. Use the time wisely.

    Get some quals in.

    And FFS don't rush it. Let your fitness come back as it comes.

    Why a whole year?
  10. A whole year due to RMP phase 2 training dates.

    Yeah I suppose that too; get to build up the phys to top level, got the time to do it etc...

    Again the nark is that I have actually used the time since May wisely, and had got phys up to a really good standard.

    Gutted, completely gutted.
  11. Took me the same time to get in, 18 months from BARB to day one, keep your chin up these thing happen. At least you've got a good job cres old bean, I was cooking pizza's for £5.20 an hour!
  12. Aye all true... got to spend another 9/10 months with pretencious throbbers who only live for money.... so sick of civilians....
  13. The monkeys can't be the only mob that will take you. Join someone else, and class it as a lucky escape. :p
  14. Crescent, I feel sorry for your situation, but you seem to forget that, at the moment, you are still one of the above, a civilian. And as Choccy Frog said, there are other jobs. And I take it you won't want paying for the job either, so that will save the MOD a bit of money too.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Bit of a bummer crescent.

    Rather than wait a whole year have a re-think about RMP, it's not as if it's the best career in the Army. Perhaps R Signals or RE would be another way to go? Certainly a more rewarding job.