Well, that's money well spent...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Mar 3, 2005.

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  1. Nottingham council have spent 180 grand coming up with an exciting new logo that will sell the city around the world.....The letter 'N'.


    Still, it's not real money is it, when it comes from the council tax coffers. Anyone else think councillors should be qualified in common sense before they take office?

    If you can hear a strange noise, it's a couple of ad agency types giggling hysterically....
  2. Come down to Gosport and watch the white elephant called the "Millenium Tower" slowly reach into the sky :roll:

    it may be finished this year in time to be called "Trafalgar tower" or maybe even "Nelsons Tower" who knows :?

    Still £40 million well spent.........oh and the company want another £2 million to finish on time :roll:
  3. Here you go Nottingham. Here's a new motive for your city:

    Sh1t with loads of guns.

    That'll be £3000 please. 8O
  4. It appears that fiscal prudence, common sense & responsibility are NOT prerequisites of "representing" ones' Constituents.
  5. BINGO ding ding ding ding give the man a used teddy bear and a skiff 8O
  6. I wouldn't mind if it was sh1t but original.... the Nottinghamshire county council logo is...... you guessed it..... a slightlydifferent letter 'N' ! :?

    Glad to see the council tax is money well spent :evil: