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Well thats Im off to...... Telic!

Asked for Herrick and got Telic......

Finally had it confirmed :D

Oh well, time to start searching for all those "What kit" threads!!!!!


Book Reviewer
And at least you know where you'll be based.....

Get a decent Laptop, with Wireless, and you'll be fine.

Best of luck :)
Cheers guy's just worried about the family.... as most of you know....

I'll take all the advice anyone has to give on kit or anything :)


Book Reviewer
Well done mate, you got there at long last! Take a laptop and an ipod. You can get pretty much everything else in theatre.

Good luck mate! When you off to RTMC?
sticky said:
Good luck mate out here at the moment, one word of advice BRING PORN!!! LOTS OF PORN!!
Only because the print has been rubbed off of yours, ya manky wee man you!

Parcel is on the way mate, hope you're not too disappointed with the contents..... :wink: :D
hi all ave recently volunteerd for mobolisation 8 weeks a got told last week now there are no jobs in any theater can anyone enlighten me on this i know they are jobs out there and the unit is just coming it .does anyone have any number or site where i can take this further .thanks

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