Well thats going to make R&R something to look forward to!

Bloody good on em .. Not sure some of their partners will be so pleased about various lads in barracks bashing one out over a saucy pic of their missus tho ;)


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I hope a certain Jock Inf Bn doesn't do one.

Miss Jan. Soaked in Bucky.
Miss Feb. At Bingo.
Miss Mar. On doorstep in dressing gown.
Miss Apr. At the wives club.
Miss May. Leaving B Coy Block
Miss Jun. Leaving D Coy Block
Miss Jul. 20 Stone and looking good in leggings and a belly top.
Miss Aug. As per Miss Jan but pregnant.
Miss Sep. Welcoming home hubby after his Op Tour.
Miss Oct. Explaining to hubby why she is pregnant.
Miss Nov. Leaving hospital.
Miss Dec. At the welfare office.

And none of them were my ex. She was to ugly to get a shag.
Becci, from Chelmsford, Essex, said: "The selection process wasn't based just on looks but also the women and their other halves' stories.MMmmm so as said where are the mingers and fatbirds, did the stories include how there other halves competed in naked rollmat fighting, good on them though hope it goes well.
Becci from Essex needs to get her story straight.

She has been casually fucking a bloke from the Airborne Loggies for over 2 months. Look out for next Sun headline "Commando Assaulted Cheating Girlfriend".
So now all the pics have been published, and possibly extensively 'saved as...' into various hard drives.......is anyone going to buy the calendar???

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