Well, that came as a surprise.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ExplodingTrousers, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. Iranian MPs have voted to classify the US armed forces and the CIA as terrorist groups.

    A statement signed by 215 Iranian MPs cited the bombing of Japan during World War II, and the invasions of Vietnam and Iraq, as "terrorist actions".

    Linky: BBC

    At least they're not asking for reparations. I'd imagine compo for the various Sassanid invasions would be a bitch...
  2. I would certainly classify the atomic bombs dropped on Japan as terrorist actions. How many innocent people, including children, were murdered? I realise that it probably brought the war to an earlier conclusion but at what cost?
  3. What a fantastic new way to improve US-Iran relations!

    Stupid fu*kwits
  4. Standard reaction to the US classifying parts of the Iranian military as Terrorists.

    This actually worries me to be honest, it seems that these countries have decided to treat each other as sub-human. That kind of attitude leads to the atrocities we have seen in Japan, Germany and more recently in FRY.

    I would hope people would have more intelligence than to accept this kind of propaganda from their governments.

    Sad really :(
  5. So you'd rather thousands more British forces had died fighting instead :roll:
  6. What an absolute stupid statement, costs for the invasion of Japan if Op Olympic was undertaken 500,000 Americans alone, many millions of Japs. The fact that the A-bombs used, killed less than had died during the bombings of Japan or say the Japs at the rape of Nanking shows that.

    Total mong answer electric-citizen
  7. The Americans never 'invaded' Vietnam.
  8. Well that's Iran off the septic's Christmas card list then.
  9. In total agreement
  10. No?
  11. No,they were invited in by the South
  12. numbty, try reading a bit about the cost of taking okinawa alone and then try and imagine the cost of an invasion of the mainland itself
  13. Yes, and in 1979, the Afghan administration invited in Soviet forces.

    Remember your PC effects language chaps: we don't blockade, we create an exclusion zone, we don't drop bombs, we employ kinetic solutions.
  14. There's a good chance I wouldn't be here if we'd invaded (along with thousands of others) - my grandfather was with 3 Div and they were slated to be one of the divisions taking part in the invasion.

    Why should we have risked hundreds of thousands of allied lives to save the lives of enemy citizens?

    Will the Germans, Japanese, Russians, Italians, British etc all now also be classed as terrorist states since they all bombed civillians during WW2?
  15. It must be nice to sit an an ivory tower, ignoring the context of any action and instead focusing purely on the (retrospective) legality of everything. What is the view like from up there?