Well, so much for, "Brown Pride"...

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Werewolf, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. Junior dos Santos is the new undisputed, undefeated UFC Heavyweight Champion after stopping Cain Valesquez in just 64 seconds of the first round. An overhand right from Junior sent Cain to the mat and JDS pounded him with strikes to the head until the Ref. stopped it. :biggrin:
  2. I am a massive fan of Junior Dos Santos and he was outstanding this morning now to look forward too him fighting the winner of Overeem/Lesnar
  3. I've watched the fight several times, with the sound turned way up. When JDS knocks Cain down, you can hear the sound of the punch connecting - WHACK!:shock:

    Who do you see as the next challenger for JDS, Sandy? Lesnar or Overeem?
  4. If Lesnar cant take Overeem down immediately then he is going too get brutally ko'd, but if he does take him down and keeps him down then i can see him winning by GnP, Overeem didnt look impressive in his win over Werdum.
  5. Who do you think would be the more dangerous opponent for Junior? If Lesnar gets past Overeem, and that is of course a big IF, he might prove more difficult. There's no way Lesnar will stand and trade with JDS; he'll go for the TD as soon as possible. Overeem is a Thai Boxer, but I don't think he can stand with JDS, and he does'nt have the skills to take dos Santos down.

    I'm looking forward to the Lesnar/Overeem fight. No way that one's going the distance.
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    ****, thanks for spoiling it for me. The title could have included the phrase 'UFC main event spoilers' or something instead of some obscure crap.
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  7. JDS will destroy Lesnar, if he can do that to Cain then Lesnar is gonna get KTFO :)
  8. You snooze you lose. I started this Thread about eight hours after the fight.
  9. Lesnar has to get past Overeem first, and that is by no means guaranteed.
  10. So where does Hulk Hogan fit in this picture?
  11. If Lesnar gets Overeem to the floor then who knows, JDS in my view will beat either :)
  12. Seconded. Though it might be a while before Junior defends his Title; he's torn a ligament and requires surgery. I doubt we'll see a defence before July.
  13. I'll pay to watch Lesnar get battered! He annoys the shit out of me and (I think it was anyway) the Frank Mir fight (2) where Lesnar basically lay on top of him for god knows how long and due his his weight managed to pound him enough to get a TKO. Lesnar doesn't come across as much of an athlete, when there's other fighters who are big and jon the fun.
  14. Lesnar is a one dimensional fighter. He relies on his freakish strength, speed and stamina(he has good cardio for such a big man)combined with good Wrestling(the real kind not the WWE crap)skills to take down opponents and Donkey Kong them into submission or TKO/Ref stoppage.

    This works well until he fights someone like Cain, who he was unable to keep on the mat. While Lesnar can take a good shot without going to sleep, he panics and either turtles up or break-dances. His stand up is very poor for that level.

    If he gets past Overeem, I think JDS will turn his head into a canoe.:threaten::biggrin:
  15. lets hope this weekend that Dan Henderson lands the "H" bomb on Shoguns chin