We'll score goals when we are older

We always seem to have downbeat moaning threads about chavs and other non-useful life forms that move amongst us making our lives less than blissful and the Outrage bus isn't just taken out of the garage but has a couple of Gimpies mounted. So here is the opposite just for a moment.

This made me smile when I read it in the Torygraph and is a nice antidote to the win-all mentality we have instilled in kids today.
It shows a group of Catalan kids who play football for fun and never seem to score a goal but don't give a damn.
The video is shorter than nine minutes and is in fact only a couple of minutes long so it's worth a glance to give you a bit of an uplift in your day. The kids are speaking Catalan but there is a subtitled translation. The bairn at the end shows just what sport should be all about.
Hope it brings a brief smile to your day.

Video: The little team – l'equip petit by el cangrejo - Telegraph
"We'll score when we get older". My mates and I used to tell each other that, usually around the time of the Class Dance.

Kids. They've got a clarity of vision that we often forget we ever had.

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