Well said that man !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Nulli_Boy, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. Prefer if headline said… Police told to look the other way while annoyed majority kick the seven bells of shiite out of nasty minority.
  2. Thought the Tories were the defenders ot freedom of speach?
  3. Wonderful headline, great for the party conference. But he doesn't say how the nasty people will be defeated. Like SF, does this mean that I can go and smack a few who don't support the military without Plod getting involved?
  4. Ta very much !
  5. We should employ snipers to pick em off,bet that would stop them wanting to meet up with Allah and his virgins ?
  6. They are, they're just encouraging one lot to shout louder than the other, therefore enhancing their freedom of SPEECH ^^
  7. "There should be no place for those who refuse to serve those in military uniform, in petrol stations, in shops, or pubs."

    Nice to see the Defence Secretary encouraging everyone to completely disregard Military Law ^_~
  8. I don´t really want to go off-thread, but:

    "He announced that £47 million would be spent building 260 new service family homes in Bulford, Wilts."

    Errrr, around GBP 181,000 a piece - and out in the boonies! Surely that cannot be right, can it?