well raise MILLIONS for the RBL.......if MDN agrees........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by datumhead, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. Whilst viewing "educational" websites, I realised that apart from the girls being very poor, they cannot afford clothes, some of them will pose in "garments" provided by the "viewer".


    MDN sets up a PO Box and we send him "attire" we would like to see him wear...the filthyer the higher the "donation". He then posts the pic on here and we all get to enjoy that manly frame!

  2. I can see the RBL loving that one,.

    and how did you raise this much money?

    well, its like this........
  3. I'd pay good money to have the photos he's already posted taken off. My eyes haven't recovered from their last wire-wool-and-dettol session.

    Please, someone must have a burqa around somewhere...
  4. Yes, I'm with carrots on this one. As a burd, I like to fantasise that all ARRSERS are dashingly handsome, square-jawed, muscle-bound, intelligent, witty, daring, brave, men-of-the-world with pert arses. Sadly, MDN's tranny photos have forced me to rethink many of my assumptions...

    Is there anyone you can ask for a refund?
  5. Aye dont give my PERSEC away :wink:
  6. Oooops. Many apologies to all Arrsers who recognised themselves in my overly-candid description of the merely average British squaddie.

    Jeanne d'Arc salutes you and the sterling, manly, muscle-ripping, testosterone-inducing, slightly sweaty work you do this night and all nights. :wink:

    I shall now go and have a lie down...
  7. thanks jeanne, but as we've never met, how did you know?

  8. Ahhhhhhhh Sh1te ... I failed on the pert arse!!!! Suppose no hope for me then jeanne???
  10. Thats a box of Merd and you know it Frenchie.....

    You can't send me any of your garments to wear as they would be too big, and hailing from the Liverpool area its assumed they would be naff, tacky and soiled.

    Your French leanings also disqualify you from anything other than meal preparation and surrendering duties.

    Datum, I'm game, I love dressing up and if I can disguise that for the good and benefit of a decent charity then show me the undies drawer.
  11. Bump!

    (I like to support a good cause!)
  12. Unlike your bra, which supports big saggy busters
  13. You say that as if it's a bad thing...
  14. Saggy tits should be given Mastectomies and force fed to the munter that grew them.

    Give me nice pert jubblies all day long
  15. Classic post J_d_A :lol:

    Let me know how much money you get refunded. :D :D